Winter Olympic Games in full swing service guarantee powerful and orderly!Shijingshan implement territorial responsibility in action!

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Recently, shijingshan Shougang ski big jump winter Olympics events in full swing, winter Olympic athletes in the big jump for their dreams, the audience online and offline cheering for them.Behind the wonderful, is the silent adherence of tens of thousands of workers in shijingshan district, they are in the situation to do a good job of territorial service guarantee.District Public Security Sub-bureau: Shijingshan Public Security Sub-bureau police stick to all posts in the stadium, to do a good job in the security of the games.The world-renowned Winter Olympics opened as scheduled, shijingshan Shougang ski jump into the winter Olympics time.As an important division headquarters of the Beijing games organizers stations and, shijingshan moreworrying, hold position, the public security bureau all the police continue to adhere to the “delicate, exquisite, perfection” style of work and work and requirements of precise and careful, careful, go all out for the games security power escort, to host a wonderful, special, outstanding Olympic Games provide a solid security.Area traffic detachment games during the tournament, the shijingshan district traffic detachment full stop Hugh, total p, the leading cadre governs incorruptibly in fukang stone road, shougang industrial park in key positions and key areas, strengthen the organization, command all the police go all out, continuous operations, strengthen its service route traffic security and society in an all-round way traffic guidance command, to ensure the games are unblocked traffic safety.Shijingshan District traffic detachment leader led the team site visit traffic organization.Shijingshan District Traffic Detachment organized and carried out snow day traffic security emergency drill.Leading cadres of shijingshan District Traffic Detachment in important positions to do a good job in traffic security.Shijingshan District Traffic detachment field survey, repeated research on traffic security work.Area fire rescue team in the afternoon, February 6, shijingshan fire rescue team shougang team and intensify inspection tour, the garden garden MoPai 2 fuel more Spaces, and interview management, strict clean fuel at the same time to carry out the patrol duty, ensure the park “nook and cranny, clean” without any problems.On February 7, shijingshan fire rescue team shougang garden team at shougang ski jumping around 1000 metres area conduct fire control safety inspection, inspection on 5 reopened commercial Spaces, main line installation of fire control facilities equipment, electrical appliances, the evacuation passageway and safety exit inspection, electric bicycle management etc,Ensure that all fire safety work is carried out in accordance with high standards and strict requirements of the resumption site.In order to create a clean and tidy urban environment and escort the Winter Olympics, the 2,600 cadres and employees of the Shijingshan District Environmental Sanitation Center stick to the front line of urban environmental health protection, ensuring the efficient and successful completion of every emergency support task for the Winter Olympics, and making their own contribution to the smooth operation of the city during the Winter Olympics.We will ensure the torch relay route in the Winter Olympic Park.A total of 22 workers and nine vehicles were dispatched to clean up snow and dirt on more than 20 kilometers of roads in the park.Ensure audience gathering points for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.From February 4 to February 6, 31 people and 6 vehicles were dispatched to guarantee the evacuation point of SHougang P4, cleaning and pumping 20 groups of mobile public toilets and cleaning up the site. A total of about 1 ton of garbage and 3 tons of excrement were removed.Do a good job in shougang Park Olympic stadium perimeter security.In order to meet the competition on February 7, 13 roads in Shougang were cleaned up on February 6, with 28 people and 17 vehicles dispatched.All the events of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are in full progress. The people of Shijingshan will continue to fulfill their duties in their posts and escort the athletes of the Winter Olympic Games to create great achievements!Source: Traffic Detachment, Fire rescue Detachment, Sanitation Center, Shijingshan District