What is there to study in a Dream of Red Mansions?

2022-05-30 0 By

During the Spring Festival, Professor Zhang Jie began to talk about a Dream of Red Mansions.As a viewer and a fan, I was less amused.Some people regard a Dream of Red Mansions as the first of the four great masterpieces.Compared with the magnificence of the other three classics, A Dream of Red Mansions is really boring.Inside the walls of the courtyard of a famous feudal family, the dandyish children are very much in love with each other, infighting, really boring.Unkindly say, cao Xueqin this kind of literator in the country in The Times have no meaning, even if the “Dream of Red Mansions” back such as flow, and how?Are so many people really interested in aristocratic family crap?It’s a bit like today’s tabloid news, where a tiny minority of people are interested in every rumor about the British, Thai, and Spanish royal families, down to what brand of diaper their royal baby is wearing.There are even a few paparazzi, small newspapers that focus on the royal family…Some people say that a Dream of Red Mansions is of great literary, medical and sociological value, and so on. They even set up a red Studies Research Society.In fact, how similar is this to today’s rice circle culture?I want to ask whether these people have made any contribution to the society and the country.No matter how good Cao Xueqin’s writing style is, it is just a literary novel.Even as a TV series, it’s the most boring of the big Four.The truly great works can either promote the progress of The Times, or inspire people’s thoughts, or validate the three views of mankind, set up the feelings of family and country, and inspire enterprising spirit. In this sense, a Dream of Red Mansions is also irrelevant.Of course, the word can not say too absolute.A Dream of Red Mansions is not without meaning.Like today’s soap operas, it’s ok to pass the time.