“Spring and I have a date” Longxi Impression Villa strawberry picking garden: enjoy the “berry” good time

2022-05-30 0 By

Reporter Chen Jiawei: When it comes to the leisure of Spring Festival, everyone will think of the traditional projects of hanging out at Lantern Festival and watching Yangko dance.But now, fruit picking is becoming a new experience.Of all the fruits, the most suitable for the atmosphere of the Spring Festival is the red strawberry.Walking in the greenhouse, strawberry unique fragrance and come, burging strawberry delicate and charming to drop, very attractive.Today, we will take you to hit the longxi County black turnout village impression villa strawberry picking garden, feel the fun of suburban picking.Song Ruijun, technical director of longxi Impression Villa strawberry picking garden, said: “The strawberry picking garden was established in 2017, covering an area of 6 mu, with a total construction of four picking greenhouses.We usually start transplanting in September, it basically uses the nutrient matrix, and then uses the fertilizer and biological bacteria produced by our gansu Impression organic fertilizer factory.With this kind of fertilizer, our strawberries can reduce pests and taste better.You see, are particularly good, a strawberry garden can smell a sweet strawberry taste.Our picking garden, you see layer by layer are particularly good, children pick low, adults pick high.And strawberry long when the light use is good, for strawberry ripening, coloring these are particularly advantageous.I’ll pick one for you and try it. It must be better than the one in the market.If you taste it, it must taste.Most of the people who came were friends from nearby areas, as well as friends from faraway places like Lanzhou, who drove with their families to pick in this garden. It has a very good reputation.After they picked and ate it, they said that none of the products bought in the market tasted as good as ours.Look, it’s red and big.During holidays and Spring Festival, many people come to the strawberry garden with their children, wives, relatives and friends to enjoy the fun of picking strawberries. Sometimes the supply is in short supply, and everyone likes this way of leisure and entertainment.”