Qiong Yao brand of love works, to a generation left a deep memory

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In the 1980s, a female writer named Qiong Yao began to be known to audiences across the Straits and in three places. Qiong Yao’s plays began to be put on TV screens from her work “How Many Degrees of Sunset Red”.”Courtyard deep”, “plum blossom three lane” series have left classic memories in the mind of a generation, Qiong Yao works elaborated in the view of love also caused many people to discuss, but also let Qiong Yao in the field of romantic fiction to lay their own position.Qiong Yao’s father Chen Zhiping is a university professor, her mother Yuan Xingshu was born in a scholarly family, Qiong Yao is a distant relative of the writer Jin Yong, Jin Yong’s cousin is qiong Yao’s aunt, is the poet Xu Zhimo’s niece.After she went to Live in Taiwan with her father in 1949, Qiong Yao published her novel “Cloud Shadow” at the age of 16 under the pen name Xinru, and her first collection of short stories, “Out of the Window”, at the age of 25.Since then, qiong Yao has successively created “Several Degrees of Sunset Red”, “Misty Rain misty rain” and so on. From 1965, qiong Yao’s novels began to be gradually cinematographed, a series of movies and TV works began to appear in front of the audience, Qiong Yao has also become a well-known romance novelist on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and three places.Images from network qiong precious jade 1977 as a producer of “I am a cloud” is filming a movie, brigitte Lin and the qin and han dynasties as men and women protagonist, “I am a cloud” is one of the few in qiong precious jade works in tragedy at the end of the story, the heroine struggle between her husband and lover and finally end up crazy another tragedy, the story ended broke the pattern of qiong precious jade novel,Impressive, was made very high ratings, now the audience about the charm of it is difficult to imagine and in the qin and han dynasties, brigitte Lin, two of them in the film the classic, the lady singing “I’m a cloud”, also open the prelude of qiong precious jade play music characteristic, since almost every one fines drama derived a one or a few of the film and television song.1989-1990, Qiong Yao will “six dreams” series adapted for TV series, “Wan Jun”, “dumb wife”, “three flowers”, “Xue Ke”, “Wang Fu ya”, “Qingqing Riverside grass” was moved to the TV screen, among which “Qingqing Riverside grass” by the 60, 70, 80 generations of audience memory,Its theme song “Green Grass on the Riverside” by Gao Shengmei has also become a classic melody.1993 “plum blossom three lane” series also gradually moved to the television screen, “the world of mortals have spoony, Mo laugh spoony too spoony, if not a cold biting, that plum blossom tangy”, Qiong Yao’s novel “plum blossom three lane” respectively represent three stories: one lane, plum blossom burning;Two lane, ghost husband;Three lane, water clouds.One of the clubs breaks a man’s gut.Plum blossom two lane cost ponder, plum blossom three lane storm, cloud smoke deep water boundless.Images from network qiong precious jade works almost all focus on the love theme, qiong precious jade’s female image most personal and independent consciousness, it is because of this, there are also some people to question the qiong precious jade love in the play, but no matter what holds people, almost nobody denies qiong precious jade novel and its influence on a generation film and television works,No matter how high the controversy about Qiong Yao’s works is, “Qiong Yao Drama” has become an independently recognized TV drama brand in the Chinese TV circle, and has also won a number of popular actors and actresses, leaving classic melodies after melodies.Images from the Internet