Outside marriage three, three brothers and their side of the opposite sex, four, disgusting behind stealing gold fruit

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That’s how casual people are these days.As long as you love me, I love you, there will be no block together.Otherwise, it’s not a one-night stand.Don’t look at that road barriers that heavy, just like the game of the process.As long as you are happy and I am happy, the flowers will dance spring breeze.Because the big ghost is rich, connections are not too wide.The story soon reached his ears, too.It was his friends, Hu Peng and Gou You, who called him and told him.They said, we saw Jin Guo brother and Lina sister in the hotel.Ask him why I’m not here.Big ghost to understand this situation, qi bull fight.Saying, No friend’s wife shall be deceived.Are you still a friend?Friend’s wife, also dare to spend.He called hu Peng Gou you again and asked what the rules were.Find someone to teach me the golden fruit.Don’t look around these playboys.You talk about rules, you talk about loyalty.His younger brother Yu heard about this.He was afraid to make things big, to the golden fruit brother made a phone call.Say you and my lina elder sister’s matter, call my eldest brother to know.He will ask Hu Peng and Gou You to find friends and teach you a lesson.It’s like maintaining the rules of the lake, but it’s actually asking them to find someone to vent their anger on my brother.I was afraid of any accident, so I told Brother Jinguo, tell you to be careful at this time.Gold fruit asks redundant this matter how to solve.Redundant say, you and my elder brother, hu Peng, gou you are brothers, this matter you do not know how to deal with.We all know that brothers are brothers and women are clothes.You call Hu Peng, gou You persuade my brother, give him some compensation, this is not over.The golden fruit listened to the redundant plan, he called hupeng Gou friends two brothers.Ask them to help mediate.Because we are friends, and we want to turn enemies into friends.The two men were also happy to be peacemakers.And they said unto him, Peace is the best thing in this matter.Big ghost heard apology return money, also turn anger do smile.After all, he does not want to get along with Lina long, why for her and friends fight.Who doesn’t? Lena’s a bad girl.It doesn’t pay to fall out with her friends.After mediation by a number of friends and say, also gold swords into ploughshares.The truth is, they don’t take girls seriously, they just treat them as toys.(yu)