Is it irresponsible for a dog to run away after mating?

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One of the questions that a lot of people ask is, why is it irresponsible for a dog to walk away after mating?There’s a reason!1, the practice of polygamy dog polygamy, can leave more of their own offspring, is to mate each for what he needs, so the end of the mating turned away, is not irresponsible.2, someone disturb the dog mating of course is quietly do not be disturbed, but because there are always accidents, is a variety of reasons, leading to a lot of dogs “in public” began to mate, and then will be disturbed, so the dog was scared, quickly end turn away.3, attacked by other dogs sometimes in the dog mating, there will be a “third party” to see the two dogs are mating, the “third party” will attack the male dog mating, for other dog attack, of course, is scared to end the turn away, or waiting to be beaten?4, the process is too painful, long dog mating, this complete “lock” process, let the dog feel very painful, two dogs will form the ass to the ass situation, and can not move, and feel the time is very long, so the dog in the end of the mating, will quickly escape.5, forced mating male dog bullying, some female dogs are unable to resist, because the female dog does not want to, but will be forced to mate, after mating success, female dogs will struggle to separate!6, afraid of being beaten and scolded by the owner of the dog out of heat to “find a partner”, must be hidden from the owner, so after the end of the mating will think of the owner at home, afraid of being found after being beaten and scolded, will turn around and go.7, want to go home quickly dog obedience, when the dog mating, the master call the dog, it will immediately run home, so the dog will quickly end the process, and then turn around and run.In fact, there is a tip is your dog if the obedience is high, usually can do more training with the dog, with the dog snacks together, the dog will be more cooperative.Snacks recommended “greedy not greasy duck dry”, artificial selection of duck meat, after drying production, healthy 0 add, and duck meat has the effect of heat and fire, can grind teeth, remove bad breath, but also to dog training, rewards.Here we should pay attention to, your dog is not neutered, and has been pregnant, then the owner must take good care of it, pay attention to the diet, the dog pregnant need to take in adequate nutrition, will be healthy.Therefore, it is suggested to choose dog food as the staple food, and the choice of dog food must choose a comprehensive nutrition good absorption.Like this kind of “chan not greasy foods” selection chicken meat fish as raw materials, high quality meat, easy digestion and absorption, protein content is rich, and with a variety of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, can provide the dog with balanced comprehensive nutrition, adding probiotics, promote digestion and absorption ability, to ensure the health of the dog.Conclusion: Have you ever seen any of the above?