Classic OR luxurious technology?The new explorers are getting attention

2022-05-30 0 By

With the advent of the New Year, each new round of competition of auto enterprises also pulled open heavy curtain, perennial comfortably in a line of changan ford this of course is also rise, as many models comprehensively push new, ford will greatly improve the market competitiveness, occupy the consumer market, but also show the existence of an unprecedented feeling and strength.Speaking of The Ford brand, we have to mention the signature product – the new generation of medium and large SUV Explorer.This section with its strong powertrain, fashion high appearance level appearance and other advantages, has been occupying an unshakable position in the market, the majority of consumers are to its terminal sales show the user’s degree of love.Recently, word has been circulating that the explorer is about to change the model, and some photos have been leaked along with it.From the photos we can see that, from the appearance, the shape of the new front air intake grille has been changed, the cash intake grille is hexagonal, angular and shows the vehicle’s masculinity and domineer;Before the new explorers intake grille adopted polygon structure, change new headlight combination and style daytime running lights, tail lights also changed a little bit of matrix design, English signs up, the exhaust pipe is from circular to rectangular shape, the overall look more gentle contracted, is retained cash models new concept of American suvs visual sense, both overall quality improved significantly.In the interior, the changes are more dramatic.One eye can see, the biggest change is the version of the big size player now it into a floating landscape, for this change may be used to the old users need time to adapt to the vertical screen, but the overall looks more science and technology feeling and aesthetic inside the cockpit more accord with consumer, can say is to make the cars more young luxury.It can be speculated that this change also means that the intelligent system such as intelligent connectivity and intelligent driving functions of the new version and new, making the whole level up.Powerdynamically, the new version is expected to continue with a 2.3T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 201kW and a peak torque of 425N·m, matched with a 10-speed manual transmission.After all, the current cash in this configuration, has been the best in the same level of products, whether it is off-road driving or daily power, are very adequate and competitive, cash models in this configuration is also harvested a lot of praise.Overall down we can see that the new explorers both exterior and interior, the changes are more clear about the ford brand currently elite groups to target consumers for the new era, aimed at young group, cash models militantly proclaim, full of personality, large size control player the function also is very good, though in the visual aspect is somewhat abrupt,But both the power and the design have gained their fans.After understanding, I believe that the majority of car fans and consumers are also on the new explorer produced quite strong interest.Of course, will tell relatively, present money classic overbearing spirit, new fund is young and luxurious, present edition big size vertical screen, new edition suspension type big horizontal screen, somebody loves classic more, somebody enjoys costly more, see individual be fond of completely.Of course, in my opinion, you can’t miss anything. If you like the current version, buy it now. If you like the new version, wait.Of course, many people pay more attention to the price, small make up a bold guess, the new price will rise, is expected to sell at about 40W, I believe that the new will soon meet with us, let us wait for the official launch of the new!