Byd HAN EV series appeared in the Han family design appreciation meeting, highlighting the modern spirit in the art space

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Recently, BYD Han EV creation version, Han EV Qianshancui limited edition official debut, the depth of the show “Han modern”.CLTC has a maximum range of 715km and the fastest 100km acceleration only takes 3.9s. The new Han EV series comes on stage with four benchmarks of safety, performance, luxury and science and technology. The price range is expected to be 280,000-350,000 yuan.Four crossover aesthetics higher-ups — byd global design center senior designer Li Qiuhong, byd global design center senior designer DuanMuYiDan color fabrics, national oval ribbon (ice) and the national aquatics center (ice cube) chief designer weiskope rb, and netease car design columns “cartwright” organizing the peoples armed yue,Leading the taste of the essence of BYD EV series from different angles, exchange understanding of modern spirit.As a leader of pure electric cars, Han EV series has four-dimensional integration and superposition of flagship attributes. Safety, performance, luxury and technological advantages have consolidated the high-end product image of flagship models.Han EV series standard with blade battery, and the use of “baby level” coating fresh process, safety written in the gene.At the same time, active safety has reached a new height, and W-HUD display is added to significantly improve driving safety.The addition of DMS driver monitoring function, like adding wings to a tiger, always escort travel safety.In terms of performance, han EV series has the fastest 100km acceleration of 3.9s, comparable to the power performance of V10 engine, and ranks in the “three-second club” together with han DM-P with the 100km acceleration of 3.7s.In terms of endurance, with the support of high efficiency heat pump air conditioning with wide temperature domain and high performance silicon carbide MOSFET motor control system, the endurance range of Han EV series can reach up to 715km, comprehensively improving the winter car experience.In addition, the chassis is adjusted by Hans, a former Mercedes-benz adjustment expert. With disUS-C intelligent electronically controlled active suspension and super intelligent electric four-wheel drive, the vehicle can realize millisecond response, and the handling stability and comfort are greatly improved.Intelligence is the second half of the competition of new energy vehicles.This time, the han EV series has also been fully evolved in terms of assisted driving and intelligent cockpit.The evolved DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, equipped with 24 sensing elements, has increased the functions of driving assistance on highway, emergency lane keeping assistance, wisdom and comity, etc., greatly improving the level of driving assistance.In terms of intelligent cockpit, DiLink 4.0 (5G) intelligent network connection system is standard, including 5G speed connection, dual-frequency positioning and navigation technology, HiFI-level customized Dana audio, etc., while supporting OTA remote upgrade of the vehicle, full of science and technology.As China’s new energy vehicle brand, BYD designers always adhere to the traditional culture into the design.The appearance, interior and configuration of Han EV series have been upgraded, skillfully combining Chinese culture and innovative science and technology together, perfectly interpreting the luxurious way of “Han Style modern”.EV creation based on the design to evolve, han edition with Chinese cultural charm reveals fashionable attitude as byd’s new generation based on flagship coupe, han edition EV creation by byd global design director Wolfgang egger, led by master team, continues the design “based on aesthetic”, in the face, tail lights, and the vehicle are made further details of the carve on modelling,The whole is more stylish and sporty.Han EV Genesis version continues the DESIGN language of EV Dragon Face. The front Face uses black sports kit for piano to create a strong sense of movement and volume. Through precise highlight control, light and shadow flow freely on the curved surface.With more full front surface, add muscle feeling of the vehicle, appear more noble atmosphere in the sun.The side of the body, as a whole, keeps the ratio of slender movement of the vehicle, and optimizes the contour line of the side, looking more smooth and modern;At the same time, the side skirt also adopts a new design, which echoes the dragon claw mark design on c-pillar, bold and innovative;In addition, with the new design of sports wheels, not only reduce wind resistance and energy consumption, but also enhance performance.Han EV creation version of the tail modelling design is also more concise atmosphere, simplification, leaving out the complex lines, each curved surface, each line of the elaboration are in the minute, creating a simple clever, avant-garde technology visual perception.And, its taillight uses the brand-new through-type Chinese knot design, the lighting effect is like a work of art, the essence of Chinese culture plays incisively and vividly, reveals the power of cultural confidence.In traditional culture, the dragon has long been a symbol of emperors and leaders.Han EV creation version of the dragon yan aesthetics upgrade, indicating that it will continue byd new energy brand in the high-end new energy car market leader role, with the beauty of Chinese culture, leading modern fashion.Classic with contemporary perfect collision, huai han edition EV creation writing new connotation interior design, open, byd global interior design director, plus the pedicle with top write a comprehensive upgrade version for han EV creation, to encircle “product” word configuration design integration, combined with the diversification of dragon element details, both with strong Chinese cultural identity for the user,It also better interprets the modern spirit of Chinese flagship car.Visually, the interior of Han EV creation version fully shows the essence of Chinese style design. The design inspiration comes from the “product” font layout in ancient architecture. The “product” font design elements are added to IP and door panel, central control screen and sound cover on both sides, emphasizing the high-level sense of spatial hierarchy.Tactile, Han EV creation version still maintains as always the sanzhen “super luxury top material”, top Nappa leather interior, European imported true wood interior and true aluminum, natural luster, soft, delicate, smooth, good air permeability.In detail ornament, BYD Heart dragon qing Heart, stepless chameleon scale co-driver panel, ancient tower style air exhaust matching 12.3 inches of full LCD eye protection instrument panel and 15.6 inches of rotary Pad, writing luxury and dynamic, traditional and modern smart collision.In addition, the Han EV genesis version of the interior added two configurations optional.One is the integral sports seat, the overall design curve is smooth, and the three-dimensional sense is full, combined with the delicate touch of leather, will be elegant and sports feeling perfect fusion together.The second is the night purple carbon fiber interior, color matching carries the infinite love of human nature, full of warm and quiet artistic atmosphere, the soft light is to highlight the owner’s pursuit of romantic dream life style.Ink painting tonal blend the tide, han EV mountains cui limited edition build new Chinese style fashionable elegant atmosphere inspiration from Cheng Ju “three peak thatched cottage” in “the rain washed the qianshan mountain cui to float, rice field pine jian has for the flow”, from China’s landscape point cui CuiQing tonal conception, inheritance, integration, innovation, han EV qianshan mountain cui limited edition combined with vehicle design to get incisively and vividly,Not only in the appearance of color, painting process and other aspects to create a thick artistic conception of beauty, at the same time in the interior of the material, material selection to show tide luxury.Byd used a highly difficult advanced formula, for han EV Qianshancui limited edition modulation of bright fine flash of cold emerald green, let a person as if exposed to the cascade of ups and downs in the mountains, full of shade appropriate green.In the light of the light, its color in the ancient green green in the high cold more have some clever, like empty valley, dizzy catch the first ray of sunlight refraction of the clever golden sun dew, glittering and translucent bright, do not lose low-key luxury.Han EV Qianshanchui limited edition is also matched with a series of exclusive sports kit, carbon black wheel, smoked before and after the headlights, high performance stone green four piston clamp (front), so that the vehicle is more type, giving a strong sense of both.At the same time, han EV Qianshancui limited edition interior kit has also been upgraded, seats, steering wheel, door panel and other parts of the high-grade suede material, the touch is softer, the visual is also more warm, and carbon fiber materials have been replaced with green, interior and exterior echo.Conclusion: As a modern space in the iron and steel forest, BYD Han EV series is not only the shelter of the owner’s body and the spiritual habitat, but also always shows the high-end spiritual pursuit of the owner. The so-called “above modern, han is the best”.Since its launch, han Family has sold more than 190,000 units, among which Han EV has sold more than 10,000 units a month for many times, constantly refreshing the “Chinese speed”.This time, the Product matrix of han family will evolve again. The launch of The Genesis version of Han EV and the Limited edition of Han EV Qianshancui makes the Han family younger, more personalized, and more scientific and technological, which will meet the needs of more people.At the same time, the cash Han EV 506km and 605km luxury model will continue to produce and sell, I believe that with the creation version of Han EV, Han EV Qianshantsui limited edition to join, BYD Han EV series sales will be on a higher level, will also continue to lead the independent brand breakthrough!