A Boundless Journey in Shandong: The Land of Qilu, the Wind of Confucius and Mencius (11)

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Pay attention to “lotus Heart Hall” and enjoy Chinese culture.Happy New Year to you on the first day of the New Year.As I grow older, the Spring Festival becomes more and more a holiday to accompany my family.My son can paste paper-cuts and couplets for me, I wish him the college entrance examination this year.At home, cat, post, reading, a calm and comfortable Spring Festival.Today, we are wandering about Laoshan.Saw laoshan Taoist through the wall, suddenly feel, in fact, each of us will have such a wall of trouble.The heart has no other things, the mind is like water, and then a wear and pass.It’s like coming through winter and welcoming spring.Present a New Year’s speech: “Winter, spring, snow qingyang Beautiful Lamei.Wrapped in white, the world is enchanting.Winter is gone. Don’t be sad. Smile.Peach and plum fragrance swallows also nest.In front of the court flowers, the sun is shining.Distant mountains can snow is melting, eagerly looking forward to, spring tide.On January 31, 2020, the first issue was reviewed at Lianxin Hall in Beijing (click to browse the previous articles). The Earth of Qilu, the Wind of Confucius and Mencius (10) was followed by the article……After visiting Sankong in Qufu yesterday, we drove to Qingdao and prepared to visit Laoshan today.Laoshan is a famous Taoist mountain, 1,133 meters above sea level.Because it is located in the seaside, rock deep valley secluded, beautiful scenery, known as “the house of the gods, the house of the supernatural”.Qin Shihuang once went to Mt. Laoshan to seek immortal, and Xu Fu set out from here when he went to sea to seek immortal medicine.Mt. Laoshan has a number of tour routes, this time we go east is mainly to experience the humanities and history, so we chose taiqing Palace and Huayan Temple, this route is also the least time.Arriving at the tourist center, we pulled the guide and went straight to the Taiqing Palace.Qingshan fishing village has a history of more than 600 years. The villages are near the mountains and the sea. The houses are red tiles and the tea gardens are green.Laoshan tea is the most northern green tea in China. Its unique growing environment makes its thick buds and strong leaves resistant to brewing, and its tea soup is thick, mellow and fresh.The area used to be a restricted military zone, and Qingshan Wharf was home to China’s first nuclear submarine.Village entrance three four pillars stone archway on the book couplet “the East China Sea blue waves thousands of miles with the floating gull little sail far, Laoshan zixia zhangzhangyunhe pian-pian by fairy back”.The Taiqing Palace is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on one side.Walking down three kilometers from Cheongshan Fishing village, you come to the entrance of Taicheong Palace.Pu Songling was inspired by his visit to the Tai Qing Palace and wrote the popular Lao Shan Taoist Priest, which was later made into an animated film. It still impreses me.Laoshan has long been known as “nine palaces eight views seventy-two nunnery”, of which the largest and longest history is built in 140 BC Taiqing Palace.On each side of the road, there are two pavilions. Yuanchen Pavilion is dedicated to the Idol Of Doum, the mother of the Big Dipper stars.Yuan Junge shrine mentioned many times before the green chardonnay yuan Jun.Yuan Chen Pavilion Doum Tian Zun Yuan Jun Pavilion Bi Xia Yuan Jun continue to move forward, is too qing Palace yi door.On the back hill of taiqing Palace stands a bronze statue of Lao Tzu 36.9 meters high. The image of the statue is based on the image of Lao Tzu drawn by Wu Daozi in tang Dynasty, with his left hand pointing to the sky and his right hand pointing to the earth. It is said that Lao Tzu was born with the image of “heaven and earth, only Taoism is supreme”.Lao Zi, surname Li, given name Er, word Dan, late Spring and Autumn period.An ancient Chinese thinker, philosopher, litterateur and historian, zhuang Zi was known as Lao Zhuang.He is revered as the ancestor of Taoism and called “Taishang Lao Jun”. His masterpiece is the Tao Te Ching, which is “Dao Can dao and Dao cannot be changed”.Continue to the front, is the three official palace, which enshrine tianguan, ground, water official (see the qianfoshan three qing view – three official palace), couplets for “auxiliary world palm water balance three official en Mi three boundaries, hold the Qiankun Siqin nine house spirit should be nine xiao”.The next two temple, the temple dedicated to three Taoist patriarch Zhang Lianfu (laoshan Taoist founder), Wang Chongyang (Quan Zhen patriarch), Zhang Sanfeng (Wudang school patriarch), qizhen temple dedicated to quanzhen seven sons Qiu Chuji, Ma Yu, Tan Churui, Wang Chuyi, Hao Datong, Liu Chuxuan, Sun Buer.Zushidian Seven true hall along the stone steps down, a large stone engraved with “Feng Xian Bridge” three words, there is no bridge here, the original river at the foot.Legend that year a snow after the morning, too clear palace road long Liu Ruozhuo met an old man here, after talking suddenly remembered not to ask the old man from where, had to turn back to find, who knows the snow left only two footprints of the old man, can not find to trace, Liu Ruozhuo just wake up to their own gods.There is an ancient elm tree near Fengxian Bridge. It is called tang Elm because it was planted by Li Zhexuan (liu Ruozhuo’s teacher’s uncle), the Taoist chief of the Tang Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,000 years.It is also called “dragon elm” because its trunk is coiled and shaped like a dragon head.Beside the dragon elm there is a group of “Confucius asked” sculptures.Confucius is said to have asked Laozi four times about propriety, benevolence, Taoism and music.It’s thrilling to think that 2,500 years ago, the essence of the universe sparkled between two giants answering questions.Sanqing Hall is the main hall of the Taiqing Palace, dedicated to the Yuan Shi Tianzun, Lingbao Tianzun and Daode Tianzun (see the previous article qianfoshan Sanqing View – Sanqing Hall).Lingbao Tianzun Yuan Shi Tianzun Moral Tianzun Sanqing Hall east chamber is donghua Hall, dedicated to donghua Emperor (East prince).Donghua Dijun is the husband of the Queen Mother, who is in charge of male immortals. Viewers of the hit TV series ten Miles of Peach Blossoms should be familiar with him.The West wing of the Hall of Sanqing is the Hall of The Queen mother, dedicated to the Queen Mother.The Hall of Donghua The Hall of Donghua Emperor and Queen Mother The Hall of Donghua Emperor and Queen Mother Turning east is the Guan Yue Temple, which is dedicated to Guan Yu and Yue Fei.Taoism is a native religion in China, so it must absorb some national spirit. Guan Yu and Yue Fei’s loyalty and righteousness are naturally respected.Guan Yue Temple There is a book pavilion near the temple, which is said to be the place where Pu Songling wrote the Taoist Priest Of Laoshan. The pavilion is opposite the wall that the Taoist priest of Laoshan crossed in the novel.Laoshan is the subject of eight of the more than 400 stories in Strange Tales from a Chinese studio.One night, Pu Songling sat in the pavilion to meditate, suddenly saw a shadow on the white wall, like through the wall and into, fixed eyes, the original is the back of the road child.Suddenly inspired, he wrote the famous laoshan Taoist Priest.Memories of my childhood germinated and I couldn’t help singing, “I went through the wall, I went through the wall…”There is a strange tree and an eye spring near the Pu Songling bookstand.The Cypress lingxiao, 2,150 years old, is said to be laoshan Taoism founder Zhang Lianfu planted.Symbiotic Lingxiao tree is more than 100 years old, tightly wound in the cypress trunk, in the green cypress leaves, orange lingxiao flowers bloom on the branches.Shenshui Spring is 0.8 meters long, 0.5 meters wide and 1.4 meters deep, with a simple aesthetic feeling.”God water spring” three words, is said to be too clear Palace road chief Liu Ruozhuo handwriting.The temple of three emperors is dedicated to the emperor, emperor of earth and emperor of human, namely Fuxi, Shennong and Yellow Emperor, the ancestors of the Chinese nation.Fuxi, the first of the three sovereigns, divided Yin and Yang, painted eight diagrams, founded the marriage system, taught people to net fishing and hunting;Shennong is the god of agriculture and medicine. He tastes grass, sows grain and teaches crops.The Yellow Emperor is dressed, set etiquette, create text.Three huang Dian Shennong Fuxi Yellow Emperor to save suffering in the middle of the worship is “too B to save suffering Tianzun”, also known as the East Pole Qinghua Emperor, he is one of the jade Emperor two servers, with the Jade Emperor all kinds of royal, vowed to save all sentient beings.On one side of the consecrate channel is the only female disciple under the door of the Heavenly Lord of Yuanshi. She holds a clean bottle of willow and possesses the divine power of infinite wisdom, great kindness and compassion, and saves people from suffering (similar to the Buddhist Avalokitesvara).The other side is dedicated to Junyang Emperor, lv Dongbin, one of the eight immortals. He is one of the “northern five ancestors” of Taoism.At the exit of taiqing Palace, it is a place for preaching sutras and exchanging calligraphy, painting and Taoist music. It is also the religious teaching base of Renmin University of China.So far, too qing Palace tour came to an end, and increased a lot of Taoist knowledge.Next stop — Huayan Temple.Huayan Temple is laoshan’s largest and only Buddhist temple.The temple consists of gate, Mahavira Hall, Guanyin Hall, Weituo Pavilion, Sutra pavilion, guest hall and other buildings.On the square in front of the gate stands a tall white marble statue of “Donghai Guanyin”, with the bodhisattva holding the steering wheel in his left hand on his chest and the fearless seal in his right hand, looking out into the east China Sea.Not far away is the statue of faxian, the eminent monk of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.Fa Xian was the first Chinese master to go abroad for buddhist scriptures, 230 years earlier than Xuan Zang.After going to Tianzhu and other countries for buddhist scriptures, Fa Xian took a boat from the Kingdom of Lion (modern Sri Lanka) to return home. He went with 11 people, only the master returned, and landed on the southern bank of Mt. Laoshan.It was noon, and we had to get back to Qingdao to meet some important people that evening.The regret of failing to visit the temple can only be reserved for the future.The artwork in the lobby of Orange Select Hotel is quite creative. Take a rest and stroll on the pier first.The pier was built in 1892, the earliest military pier in Qingdao, and is now a landmark of Qingdao.The pier, 440 meters long and 8 meters wide, juts into Qingdao Bay from the coast.One end of the sea built semicircular breakwater, dike built two octagonal tower – back LAN Ge.The pavilion is supported by 24 red painted pillars, with spiral stairs and glass Windows all around it. It is known as “one scene from each window, one scene from each painting”, and “Flying Pavilion returns to The LAN” is honored as one of the ten scenic spots in Qingdao.Opposite the trestle and Huilange is Xiaoqingdao, 720 meters from the coast and 17.2 meters above sea level.Qingdao was founded in 1929, from which the island got its name.There is a white lighthouse on the island, built by the Germans in 1900. It is 15.5 meters high and octagonal in shape, with a light range of 15 nautical miles.Xiaoqingdao to the seaside nature to take a speedboat.The pilot was cool-looking and even cooler after the tip, making us scream as we cut through the waves.It was great to have photos taken with the trestle, Huilange and naval vessels on the yacht.We had the opportunity to witness China’s first new guided-missile destroyer, Jinan (hull number 105).The guided-missile frigate Jinan was commissioned under the North Sea Fleet in 1971 and decommissioned on November 13, 2007.The ship is 132 meters long and 12.8 meters wide, with a main mast 29 meters high, a maximum displacement of 3,800 tons and a maximum speed of 38 knots.The Jinan Long March NO.1 nuclear submarine (hull 401) is the first attack nuclear submarine independently built by China. It was launched on Chairman MAO’s birthday on December 26, 1970 and commissioned on August 1, 1974, marking China’s becoming the fifth country in the world to possess nuclear submarines. It was decommissioned in 2003.The long March no. 1 nuclear submarine another day’s journey ended, a little tired we finally ushered in relatives – the son’s grandmother and aunt came from Beijing.Before all the wind and fire, neither want to miss the scenic spots, but today’s meeting.Next, we will go on the rest of the trip together.Visit Haichang Polar Ocean World tomorrow.”Partridge day laoshan” the yellow Sea has fairy mountain.Green tree tea garden hidden Taoist temple.Nature is the origin of all things.The supernatural, the absurd.The wonders of the world are shared by all.Jiang snow skillfully become others beautiful, Taoist priest through the wall as why.(Author’s note: Laoshan is a famous celestial mountain on the coast of the Yellow Sea.Taiqing Palace has Lao Zi bronze statue, finger heaven and earth, Taoism natural, egoistic.Pu Songling wrote liaozhai in Laoshan, two of which are laoshan Taoist priest and Fragrant Jade.The Wang Qi one heart learns a way to become immortal, however because of the heart skill is not straight from eat evil fruit.Huang sheng falls in love with xiangyu, a woman who is transformed into a white peony, and the two renew their love with the help of the snow transformed from camellia sinensis.)To be continued, the next chapter “Qilu Land, The Winds of Confucius and Mencius (12)” will take you to explore the polar ocean world……This article is excerpted from “Qilu Land, The Wind of Confucius and Mencius — Shandong Self-Drive Tour in Summer 2018”, an original work.Some pictures in this article are from network materials. 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