“Land evaluation line” East Lake comment: green development dress up as “beautiful” village

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A wind farm in Houping town, Baokang County, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, Feb. 12, 2008, has attracted widespread attention as it is surrounded by mountains, clouds, snow, trees and houses.In recent years, Baokang County adheres to the concept of green development, relying on the abundant wind energy resources in mountainous areas, planning and layout of alpine wind power construction, and promoting the development of green economy industry.By pursuing green development, we will not only protect the ecology, but also make rural areas more beautiful and contribute to rural revitalization.”Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.”Abundant and unique ecological resources, excellent soil and other conditions are the “golden key” to get rich.At present, the concept of green development in most rural areas of China has been deeply rooted in the people’s hearts. We firmly take the road of green ecological development, rely on mountains and rivers, and produce a batch of high-quality agricultural products such as “good wine, good tea and good fruit” by virtue of the natural advantages of “good mountains and good water”, so as to broaden the road of green development.For example, the high-quality zinc-rich soil belt of Tujia Township in Panjiawan, Hubei province has created the world famous natural zinc-rich tea;The unique geographical location of Shibadong Village in Hunan province produces pure natural honey and mountain spring water.Anji, Zhejiang province is connected with bamboo mountains, creating China’s largest raw material supply of bamboo crafts;Qinghai Xihai town according to the climate and landform development, with pieces of Chinese medicine small green leaves connected with the ecological rich people’s big industry……”Green mountains and clear waters” is not only a “treasure pot” of natural gifts, but also a “cash cow” to promote economic development.With the help of “good mountains and good waters” to develop ecological industry, there should also be a fascinating “good story”.The profound cultural accumulation is also the “booster” of economic development. The elegant combination of characteristic industries and ancient customs spread for thousands of years between mountains and rivers can create a unique industrial chain and constantly enrich the new connotation of ecological economy.More than 2300 years ago, the patriotic poet Qu Yuan wrote the eternal famous “Ode to Orange”, spanning thousands of years later, located in Yichang, Hubei Province, the mountain county city zigui successfully built Qu Yuan’s cultural development highland, to the mountains and fields of orange trees “pry open” to get rich.Relying on unique cultural resources and natural landforms, Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan province has formed a “3,400 years” historical and cultural name card and successfully constructed a “big health + health + characteristic town” health industry development chain.”Good mountain, good water, good story” attracts guests from all over the world, and small ecological industries radiate to drive the development of the whole region’s economy.And “good mountain, good water, good story” to attract guests from all over the world, but also need convenient transportation.The development of green economy in rural areas is inseparable from the convenient traffic network.The well-connected transportation network, just like the arteries and small blood vessels of economic development, can not only “bring in” to boost the source of ecological and economic modernization, but also let the treasure resources between the mountains and rivers “go out” to create a new engine for economic development, so that the “poor” yesterday will not come again.Qianshan city, Anhui Province, has opened up the “last kilometer” of road access, allowing industrial products to travel to the countryside and agricultural products to cities, improving rural transport conditions and investment environment, and connecting people with “four good” rural roads to achieve prosperity.After the official opening of the Baekdun High-speed railway to Changbai Mountain, “thousands of years of snow and pine, straight to the world’s first peak”, more and more people can launch a “walk” to Changbai Mountain.If people live up to green mountains, green mountains will live up to people.Ecological progress is a historical trend in the development of human civilization. Protecting the ecological environment means protecting productive forces, and improving the ecological environment means developing productive forces.As long as we protect the clear waters and green mountains, take “green” as the pen and focus on economic development, we will surely blaze a path of win-win ecological and economic benefits and make the beautiful countryside “beautiful”.Author: MAO Xinyu (Yichang Yidu)