Huang Lei and his family made a snowman for the first time

2022-05-29 0 By

This Valentine’s Day, celebrities are just as busy showing off their love and affection as the rest of us.Sun Li, wife of famous actor Huang Lei, posted a picture of a family building a snowman on social media. Huang lei, 50, has a beautiful wife, two children and a successful career, making many men feel a little envious.Scene, Huang Lei and Sun Li 4 year old son, revealing for the first time is face, wearing a down jacket of design and color, wore a wool cap, he looks very cute, the process of interaction with parents and sister, are regularly with a smile on her face, from the point of his facial features, looks like the second daughter Huang Lei much younger sister, especially around the eyes, is like a mold,I believe he must be a handsome boy when he grows up. After all, he and many younger sisters are like their mother Sun Li, who has a higher appearance level than Huang Lei and is more beautiful than most other female stars in the entertainment circle.Make a snowman in the process, Huang Lei son like most boys of this age, skipping is very happy, and more younger sister also act like a grownup, very take care of the younger brother, but did not see in this video Huang Lei oldest daughter, if she also appeared more perfect, of course, many also may also at the scene, just because of the age of 16 in the age of puberty,I don’t want to leave the country.As for Huang Lei’s third son, Huang Lei once said in a show that he actually wants his third son to be a girl, he especially wants three sisters.Some even joked that Huang lei was a bit hypocritical for wanting a third child after giving birth to two girls because he clearly wanted a son.Nevertheless no matter hypocritical not hypocritical, Huang Lei is life winner right, the wife is beautiful and virtuous, inside xiangfu godchild, knee next 2 female, small climax on the career is ceaseless, broadcast shortly before “small sensitive home”, the popularity that makes him again was carried to carry.In the TV series home mandy, Huang Lei acting is modest, but that interpretation is very difficult to give the audience a surprise, he acted in a number of similar life drama, feeling giving a person over the past two years he is in play the role of a type, it is he himself, missing some breakthrough, this within the circle of coffee with him some of the discrepancy.Looking back at Huang Lei’s early works, the literary style is very in place. Although there is a great contrast with today’s works, I believe that the audience would like to see more different Huang Lei.