Football Manager 2020: A test of coachable, watchable, detail level on the open gear setup

2022-05-29 0 By

Recently, I’ve been struggling with how to set up a database at the start of a game. I wanted to make the game as realistic as possible and fast as possible, so I did a little test to see the difference between coachable and viewable, and what the use of a level of detail in the game would be.Open gear: Divide the league into 3 tiers based on in-game reputation.The first echelon: Serie A, Bundesliga can coach, English Premier League, French ligue 1 only watch, La Liga does not load.Second echelon: Russian super league, Dutch league a can coach, Belgium league A, Austria league only watch, Portuguese league does not load.The third echelon: Switzerland super league, Ukraine super league can coach, Turkey super league, Denmark super watch only, SPL does not load.Conclusion: The coachable transfer market is the most active, with both big and small teams buying.Just watching and not loading are similar, are the prestige of the league’s big teams in the buying, the middle and lower teams either do not buy or free.If you want to sell people more easily and want to see more transactions between computers, you can make more leagues coachable.Personal guess: if there is excessive number of players, can be in charge of the league quantity is less, so is the “buyer’s market”, good players will eventually gathered in coaching league club or coach in the league clubs, over time, can be in charge of the league will be more competitive than other league, in charge of the league, will be more and more big gap between the strong and weak.In terms of competition, the simulation can be divided into three levels based on the results of the competition.Advanced simulation: you can watch the statistics after the game, you can watch the goals, and set up a variety of tactical responsibilities.Intermediate simulation: you can watch the statistics after the game, but you can’t watch the goals. Your tactical duties are set to whiteboard (e.g. full-back, midfield, forward striker).Low-level simulation: can not watch the statistics after the game, can not watch the goal, directly simulate the result of the game, personal guess reputation plays a larger role in the simulation.Conclusion: The player’s league simulates all matches, using advanced simulation;Can coach and simulate all games, using intermediate simulation;Just watch the simulation for all matches, using low level simulation for league matches, medium simulation for European and friendly matches;No league simulation, only European games and friendlies, using intermediate simulation.In other aspects, the teams that can coach leagues have a full coaching team, while the teams that only watch and do not load leagues have only the head coach or one or two other staff members. I guess the growth rate of players in these teams may be slower.Detail level Settings: another test file, loaded the English premier League ligue 1 serie A can coach, set The detail level of Serie A to none, The Detail level of Ligue 1 to all matches, coach Manchester United and go on holiday until November 2021.Look at a game of Milan, Milan is a 4-231 formation, duty Settings are all blank board, right-footed Leo on the left side of the smooth foot winger, wheelchair Ibrahimovic as a forward forward, attacking ability excellent Theo played the most ordinary full-back.Ligue 1 Lyon is also a 4231 formation, rich responsibility Settings, a ball out of the defender, the machine to grab the ball, trailing forward and so on.Look at a game of Juve, juve are 4-4-2, all duties are blank board.Ligue 1 Monaco and Nice are the same 4-4-2 formation, the responsibilities of the different Settings, the two teams goalkeeper, midfield, striker duties are not the same.Conclusion: The opening detail level allows for more detailed simulation of matches, such as the advanced simulation described above (where the player’s league is mandatory), and more sophisticated tactical Settings for computer-to-computer matches.If you want to make the game more real, you can open the details of other leagues or World Cup, European Cup and other international matches, at the cost of the game will slow down, it is recommended to set according to their own computer configuration.