CSL club capital consolidation open?

2022-05-29 0 By

The recent super, confusing!The new season is about to start, but the clubs have a lot of problems.The top-level design of the FOOTBALL Association has no scientific planning. The neutral name reform and salary limit are neither painful nor itching for the whole Chinese football.Hao Junmin, the captain of the National team, has been begging for pay.According to incomplete statistics, CSL clubs owe wages in general, only a few clubs can pay on time!The team behind the capital mystery exists!They lose money every year, they get money every year, and they spend it freely.A typical example is Evergrande. According to statistics, guangzhou team lost 952 million yuan, 812 million yuan, 986 million yuan, 1.829 billion yuan and 1.94 billion yuan during 2015-19.If the loss of more than 1 billion yuan before listing is included, the loss of Evergrande Taobao Club exceeds 7.6 billion yuan in 7 years.Don’t they need to make a profit?This is a mystery, now, Guangzhou team dismissed about 5 naturalized, issued “football club players fixed and salary standards” for salary limits.Obviously, Chinese football has no real sense to achieve professionalism, but more like the parasitic capital!Quanjian fell, Suning dissolved, evergrande also felt like a year.Chinese football, experienced too many hardships, CSL reform difficult, Chinese football environment is worrying, the new season can watch CSL?At least the authorities have taken action. Dong Wensheng was taken away by the Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in July 2021 and has now been formally arrested, following the detention of teda’s former assistant coaches 迟嵘亮 and Wang Xiao in August and October last year.Maybe the storm is coming, Chinese football can be reborn from the ashes, we wait and see!