Bank person, 100 try bailing’s customer “attack heart skill”, understand?

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Source: Retail Finance channelDong less wide truly meet customer demand, improve customer experience, make their own service can be perceived, must start from “heart” at present, the Banks operating homogeneity tendency is serious, differentiation, especially in the middle of the competition for deposits, loans business and financial products, high-quality customer specific business aspects, such as, in the fierce competition.The reasons are as follows: on the one hand, financial products themselves have no physical characteristics, so it is difficult for customers to directly contact and experience them, and it is difficult to quickly form brand effect;On the other hand, the lack of effective protection of intellectual property rights in the operation of branches leads to a high degree of abnormality in the financial products “purchased” by customers from banks, whether it is deposit, loan settlement, exchange, wage payment, water, gas fee collection, insurance agency, financial planning, etc.In addition, the development of the Internet has greatly broadened the channels for customers to obtain financial services, and customers’ demands and standards for financial services, as well as their perception points and thresholds of satisfaction have been constantly updated and improved.In the fierce competition, if you want to truly meet customer needs, improve customer experience, and make your service be perceived, you must start from the “heart”.In addition to determining their own characteristic business strategies, banks should also carry out some “heart attack” marketing tactics closer to customers in marketing.World car sales king Joe Girard said: “if you can’t talk, don’t do marketing.” It can be seen that the art of talking is the core of marketing.Only by actively contacting customers, narrowing the distance with customers, and winning customer trust with professionalism, can we lay the foundation for follow-up marketing.1 speaking needs to design business management, the key to speak is to make customers feel friendly, the most direct way is to use more down-to-earth language instead of professional terms.For example, “historical transaction records and signature forms” can be used instead of “bank statements and vouchers”, and more life-like words can be used to make customers feel the quality service of “family affection”, so that every time customers come to the bank for business, they will feel as if they are in the old place they are familiar with, reducing strangeness and enhancing goodwill.In product sales, it should be combined with the characteristics of the product, show their professional.Take insurance sales as an example. Insurance is not a supplementary input when there is spare money, but a necessary expenditure should be allocated from income at different stages. Financial management goals and methods are different at different stages of life.Because we can’t sell insurance as a single product, the wrong example is to minimize such untechnical language in future sales and put insurance within the larger framework of asset allocation.In other words, tell clients that the sale of insurance can only be a tool for household wealth allocation, part of financial planning.Correct demonstration is: “most people in the city will have social security, social security is a kind of social welfare system, is the basic guarantee of survival, everyone can enjoy, commercial insurance is happiness, a senior security, after the arrival of the risk, we are selecting” alive “, or ‘living happily, that’s the difference between the two social security and insurance.”In addition, the fast pace of life makes people’s time more and more fragmented, the customer travel rate is lower and lower, and the business needs are more mobile, personalized and customized.A refreshing mobile banking experience may be the reason they choose.Therefore, face to face marketing can also be transformed into online fast, mass marketing.Customer managers can set up their own public accounts to build their own opinions on financial products and help customers do a good job in asset allocation. The cost is the lowest and the effect is beyond expectations.Public content can be built around customer confusion: what is the latest performance of each product?Do returns and client risk appetite match in real time?When the market fluctuates greatly, give remind, whether should add storehouse or reduce storehouse?Do you have any suggestions for adjusting asset allocation?To achieve “teach” customer financial management, rather than “call” customer financial management.Such a public number as long as insist to do, before long, fans will continue to grow.Only long-term interaction with customers can form an impression.Once the customer needs to come, then the first time the mind will think of you.Targeted marketing, accurate power for Banks, branches of products, customers can choice difference is small, which requires the bank customer manager to like community doctors, according to the target market is different, different customer groups, customer different personality, to grasp the customer’s psychological activity, through the combination of good service and products, precision marketing.Specifically, communities can be divided into high, medium and low grades: For high-end customers in high-end communities, their “dignity” needs to be highlighted to cater to their hobbies and living habits and provide customized services such as health check-up;For mid-range residential area, can provide the community surrounding have cooperation or alliance with a bank merchant discount shopping, housekeeping, laundry, elder care, household appliances maintenance door-to-door service, etc., these “special” products, via text message, WeChat social platform or community activities to let a person find everything new and fresh, the purchase desire will be stimulated or significant amplification;Residential area of relatively cheap, you can use concern the nature of the communication, to the customer’s demand as their needs, as in the case of power, to help them targeted policy of the country’s new interpretation of market information recommendation, in the “casual” chance, is likely to turn in their relatives and friends from introduction, become a network of customers.In addition, a place with people will naturally form various circles. There are square dancing groups, parent-child groups, car friends, mahjong groups, sports and fitness groups, foodie cooking groups…Different groups should provide different services.There’s a saying, you can get 60% of the money if you get the parents.Extension of reading: banks to expand activities to do, where is the way out?Some expansion activities outside the network can not play a very good effect, in the final analysis, we do not know where the target is, and where the target to achieve the starting point, the author lives in the high-grade community medical service to give us a good inspiration.Today’s community health care can not only make an appointment by telephone door to door service for the elderly, spare time or weekend and community health care workers are often with a blood pressure cuff until the activities of community square free blood pressure, blood glucose measurement, etc., and the problems of the some of the old man by inputting tent card, for some of the old man is relatively typical symptoms of invited them to the community hospital for further check.Good community hospitals have also taken the lead in introducing “telemedicine” feature services, enabling doctors in big hospitals to “read pictures remotely” and get reports issued by experts in big hospitals in community examinations.With the word of mouth of the population being served, more and more elderly people are willing to participate in the consultation, some young people, middle-aged people also often participate in the consultation, here to collect customer information, there to provide their contact information, kill two birds with one stone, very popular.The cost of developing a new customer is generally 5-10 times higher than that of maintaining an old customer. It can be said that maintaining an old customer brings much greater value to commercial banks than developing a new customer.In addition, it takes the teller at least 3-4 hours to complete a series of work from opening, return visit, scanning and account sleep cleaning for an invalid account, which seriously wastes the human and material resources of the bank.Only through long-term maintenance to prevent customer loss, in order to establish a stable customer relationship, maximize benefits.Good user experience runs through every detail. In the face of fierce market competition, there are only imperfect products or services and no customers who are not picky. The active loss of customers usually comes from their own poor customer experience.Once found customer dissatisfaction, listening is one of the most effective means of calm, roughly by listening to can understand the content and cause of customer complaint can not counter the customer against the customer’s thinking, but according to the customer complaint, find out the root cause of the problem, take timely measures and solutions are given, with attentive service make customers.For customers who are determined to transfer bank deposits, we still need to impress customers with our services and leave a good impression, so as to strive for the next service.Might as well use such words: “This is your money, when to use your word, really thank you for your usual support to my work, next time call me in advance, I will do the preliminary work, as far as possible to shorten your time.”This approach not only reduces the “guilt” generated by customers’ transferring funds, but also makes customers have more favorable impression on our bank, which is of better help for future customer maintenance.If you think the article is good, share it with your friends