A.O. Smith: how to drink hot water at the right temperature at any time?

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Speaking of “drink boiling water”, this may be “skewed fruit kernel” to the people’s biggest myth — cold days “drink boiling water”, hot days also “drink boiling water”;Sick “drink boiling water”, no disease health also “drink boiling water”;Old people “drink boiling water”, children also “drink boiling water”…In the hearts of Chinese people, as if there is no “drink boiling water” can not cure, even the warmest greetings between family members are a “remember to drink more boiling water ha”!So, when did “drinking boiled water” become the “belief” of Chinese people?What is the truth about drinking more hot water?In the past, hot water was a luxury and fuel was too expensive for ordinary people, so it was the preserve of aristocrats.Almost all ordinary residents live on well water and river water, but this water is not only used for drinking, but also for washing clothes, cooking and toilet. After a long time, the quality of water is greatly discounted.During the Period of the Republic of China, unsanitary drinking water habits led to cholera epidemics and epidemics. As a simple and effective means of sterilization, hot water was vigorously promoted by the government, and people all over the country responded to the call.In 1950, the government launched the “Patriotic Health Campaign”, and posters that read “Drink hot water instead of raw water” were put up in every corner of the country. Even thermos bottles were popular and became a necessary betrothal gift for young men and women when they got married.With the development of industry under the socialist transformation of New China, the dilemma of fuel supply and demand was solved, and hot water really entered the ordinary people’s homes.”Drinking hot water”, accompanied by inheritance and persistence, has gradually become a unique label of Chinese people.Today, in order to drink water safety, water purifier has almost become the standard of every family, so how to drink hot water?After exercise, you need a glass of 30 degrees water to quench your thirst.No matter you are a northerner with central heating, or a southerner who simply relies on a healthy air to resist freezing, a cup of hot water of 50 degrees Celsius is indispensable in the cold winter.On those days of the month when you have your period and your blood tank is empty, you’ll need a cup of hot water at 60 degrees Celsius for brown sugar.If you’re a tea drinker or a caffeine addict, the water temperature should be 90 degrees for your coffee and 80 degrees for your green tea.Cold fever, drink more hot water can not only relieve the discomfort of the throat, but also promote capillary dilation, so as to quickly heat, lower body temperature.Compared with empty greetings such as “have you eaten yet?” and “how are you?”, “drink more hot water” is a real Chinese concern.In the past, people boiled water to drink for the safety of the water quality, but the modern demand for drinking water is more than that.Who wouldn’t want to have a cup of hot water at your fingertips?But you still need to get the water, bring it to a boil, and then let it cool down to the desired temperature for a few dozen minutes.When are you going to stop wasting your time and have the freedom to drink hot water when you are tired of repeating these steps too often?In order to let you drink warm water at any time, A.O. Smith has created a new hot and cold water purifier under the cabinet.Under the premise of ensuring the safety of water quality, lemon, scented tea, coffee and black tea can be made by you and brought home to realize your “freedom to drink hot water”.