Ukraine-russia conflict heats up li Guimin warns: Taiwan’s livelihood economy will be hit

2022-05-28 0 By

[News page – Taiwan Network] KMT legislator Li Kui-min.(from Li Guimin facebook) according to Taiwan “e-paper” when tensions rise in Russia, Ukraine, kuomintang “lawmaker” Li Guimin truth, international conflict is bound to cause the market turmoil, from an economic point of view, to Taiwan is the most direct impact on natural gas, oil, rose, indirectly lead to inflation and prices soared, and the economy will be impacted by many of the people’s livelihood,Is the DPP administration ready for these issues?Li Guimin said that from an economic point of view, Russia and Ukraine are important areas to provide natural gas and oil. In case of war, whether Russia will invade Ukraine comprehensively or not, the stability of the global economy will be affected, and the financial market will also be affected.Li guimin pointed out that, in fact, international conflicts are bound to cause market turmoil.Jpmorgan has also predicted that if tensions over Ukraine hit Russian crude exports, oil prices could soar above $150 a barrel, fueling global inflation and potentially destabilizing other markets.For example, can technology industry materials find alternative sources outside Russia and Ukraine to avoid breaking the chain?She said, what’s more, Ukraine and Russia are the world’s top important grain exporters, neighboring Russia’s eastern Ukraine is an important granary, if the outbreak of war, the already high food prices are bound to continue to rise, global food inflation will further worsen, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party authorities prepared?Is there a way to cope?Last year, due to soaring agricultural and grain supplies, the egg shortage crisis, will the price of other people’s livelihood goods explode in succession this year?Li guimin stressed that, even more important, the current energy policy and layout is to hope that natural gas as the main axis, ask, in the future, for example, the proportion of natural gas energy will increase to 50%, in the event of such war caused by natural gas, oil prices rise, how much impact on Taiwan’s international competitiveness?Have the DPP authorities thought about it?