The most beautiful ancient poetry | Spring Festival, send you the most beautiful ten peach blossom poems (drunk)

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January is called duan Yue, February is called apricot month, March is called peach month.And look at the hand of the poet poem, sent a refreshing peach blossom fragrance.Peach and plum spring breeze a cup of wine, river’s lake night rain ten years lamp.– Huang Tingjian “Send yellow several fu” peach complex containing suyu, willow green more with smoke.In April, peach blossoms in the temple began to bloom.Life is more difficult to say, it is better to take advantage of this peach drunk, idle look at the years, do a happy immortal.Will peach blossom garden, order family happiness.Peach blossoms follow the water all day long, where is the hole in the clear stream.Peach Blossom Creek — Zhang Xu Peach Blossom Valley peach Blossom nunnery, peach blossom Nunnery under peach fairy.Even in the wind blowing, the little red also proved that it had been bright.Peach blossom spring warm open first, beautiful who do not look.Peach blossom “Zhou Pu” a cluster of peach blossom open no owner, lovely deep red love light red.In the city, peach and plum sorrow of wind and rain, spring in the brook shepherd’s purse flowers.– Xin Qiji “Partridge Day” Bamboo peach blossom, spring warm, betel wormwood all over the ground, puffer fish, the heart is filled with a sense of comfort.Bamboo peach blossom two branches, spring river warm duck prophet.White egrets flying in front of Xisai Mountain, peach blossoms flowing water, mandarin fish fat.– Zhang Zhihe “Fishing song Zi” Beauty in the South, Ronghua ruotaoli.May you live up to the time, don’t miss time, in ten miles of peach blossoms, meet another brand new self.Village south infinite peach blossom hair, only I love to come alone.Bai Juyi “Under GUI At Zhuang Nan Peach blossom” The xuan Du GUI in the peach tree, the flower water air flow.– Yuan Haowen “Full Moon,” neither ghost nor fairy, a song of peach blossom water.– Xin Qiji “Health Check son alone travel rain rock” live up to the spring, bloom more than ten miles of peach blossom beauty.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.– Wang Anshi “Yuanri” Mountain peach safflower on top, Shu River spring water beat mountain flow.– Liu Yuxi “Zhuzhi Ci” situation is youth day will be evening, peach blossom disorderly fall like red rain.Looking back on the past years, in each petal, I see another familiar and strange myself.The bark of dogs, the dew of peach blossom.– Li Bai “Dai Tianshan Taoist Priest Not Met” The road planted in heaven is not all flowers.The grass is green, the willow is yellow, and the peach blossom is fragrant.Look at the peach blossom pieces of falling, quiet and beautiful picture, into the two young and warm truth, how many years later, still beautiful, still forget joy.People do not know where to go, peach blossom still smile spring breeze.If I were the Emperor of The Qing Dynasty, I would open with peach blossoms.Peach blossom shallow deep, like even deep makeup.The vitality of Yangchun is like a newborn dream.Ten miles of peach blossom, rippling in the spring breeze, floral sleeve, static see white clouds fluttering.