Lincoln Z system configuration is almost the same, to buy the entry model is equal to have a high model?

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Recently, Lincoln Z officially ushered in the market, the new car guide price of 2528-340,800 yuan, provides I cool/I enjoy two appearance style modeling, a total of 4 configuration models.Among them, the entry version of the appearance of the model only I cool a style.Specifically, the new car adopts a front-drive layout, the whole system is equipped with a 2.0T engine +8AT manual automatic transmission, the maximum power of 246 horsepower, the official 100km acceleration 6.8 seconds.At the same time, the new car has 4982/185/1485mm dimensions and 2930mm wheelbase, rear row space is far more than 34C.I cool and I enjoy the appearance of the difference is mainly reflected in I cool sports kit, including the lower surrounded, front wing decorative parts and other parts, and I enjoy is biased to elegant design style.In addition, the two versions in addition to the shared hanjin black, caviar gray, platinum diamond white three colors, I enjoy the version of the exclusive glacier blue, Burgundy red two colors and Jupiter brown, galaxy gray interior color;I cool edition exclusive Hollywood red, art blue two colors and sun yao red, star orbit blue interior color.Among them, platinum diamond white for an additional 2,000 yuan, elegant configuration models optional riyao red interior for 5,000 yuan.Overall, Lincoln Z is quite competitive. For consumers, which configuration model is the most worthy of starting?Below, the author sorted out a configuration form for everyone, each form is the configuration of the above form.As an American luxury model, the configuration of the entry-level Version of Lincoln Z is enough for daily use, such as 27-inch Dalian screen and panoramic sunroof, which can obviously enhance the sense of luxury, are standard configurations. The number of airbags in the whole series is exactly the same as the width and height of the 235-width tire.At the same time, the entry version of the model mainly play sports style I cool car type, so the shift plate is not as expensive as equipment.In my opinion, the only disadvantage of the entry-level model is that it is not equipped with driving safety assistance system, but the starting price of 252,800 yuan is low enough compared with the second-tier competitors Cadillac CT5 and Volvo S60.Therefore, the budget is not enough to get I cool version is also very sweet.It is 17,000 yuan more than the previous version, mainly reflected in the difference in the driving assistance safety system, other wireless charging, front seat heating/ventilation, driving seat memory can also bring a more comfortable environment, in addition to black mixed star rail blue color interior more deep style.In general, enjoy the version of the most worthy of recommendation, 17,000 yuan can change the safety of the vehicle, is the so-called more than a security guarantee more than a peace of mind.Compared with the last version, it has increased 30,000 yuan. The most important thing is the L2 level automatic driving assistance system, which is the best choice for those who run high speed and long distance. At the same time, it is better to install 4000 YUAN HUD display.In addition, 19-inch wheels, black/Japanese red and a 13-speaker Revel sound system give the car an upgrade, and 360-degree panoramic image is a real improvement in parking for nearly 5 meters, especially for small white drivers.Under the various luxurious configurations, the price is only 299,800 yuan, which is still very cost-effective compared with the same level of rivals.Compared with the last version, it adds 36,000 yuan and only adds 4 configurations. The last configuration version, such as Bluetooth key and HUD head display, requires 7,000 yuan after optional installation. Excluding the fragrance device, this automatic parking system is equivalent to adding 29,000 yuan in cost.In the author’s opinion is really expensive, the last version has a 360 degree panoramic image, for the general white is also enough.And the price of the top version has come to 335,800 yuan, we are more willing to choose BBA models, so this top version only belongs to some true love fans exclusive.To sum up, in the author’s opinion, the price gap between Lincoln Z configuration models is still some large, the first two entry models only 17,000 yuan difference belongs to the normal range, to the start of the second top match jumped 30,000 yuan, but the configuration did not open too big a gap.In addition, the whole series is equipped with a 2.0T engine as standard, and the high-volume models do not use the four-wheel drive system as a distinction, which makes people confused.Maybe Lincoln could have just let Lincoln Z go the distance?We don’t know.In general, with the exception of the top-of-the-line version, it is cost-effective to choose any of the other three versions based on actual needs.