Firefighters rescued 3 people after an electric vehicle caught fire at a three-in-one site in Yangjiang, Guangdong province

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Nandu news reporter Ma Hui correspondent Yue xiaoxuan Jiangnan winter and spring season has always been a period of high incidence of fire, coupled with days of cold wave low temperature weather attack, the family with fire, electricity, gas consumption increased, some security risks also increased, a little careless, easy to cause fire.Recently, a number of residential fires have occurred in Guangdong, which calls for urgent attention.Zhongshan: a board house roof leakage, resulting in wire short circuit fire in guangdong recently, many places of fog and rain, high humidity, some electrical internal metal components and circuits are vulnerable to corrosion, resulting in wire short circuit electrical fire.At 8:03 on February 21, a fire broke out in a wooden house near the red and green intersection of Lingyujiayuan Road, Guangfu Avenue, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, and smoke billowed out. After receiving the police, the local fire and rescue station immediately dispatched fire rescue workers to the scene.After arriving at the scene, the fire rescue personnel quickly launched the rescue, put out the open fire, the scene burned an air conditioner.According to the investigation, the cause of the fire is rainy day, the roof of the board house leaks into the socket caused by a short circuit fire, resulting in the spread of disaster.Maoming: During the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, some residents have the habit of using crude incense and electric candles in their homes or shops to offer sacrifices to idols.As everyone knows, the use of coarse incense, electric candles is inappropriate, not only won’t “fortune” “luck”, but easy to “disaster”.At 5:13 on February 16, a six-story residential building caught fire in Wuliang Village, West Bank street, Gaozhou City, Maoming city. The fire was on the first floor, and six people were trapped.At 5:33 a.m., local fire and rescue personnel arrived at the scene and immediately began to put out the fire and search for the trapped people.After nearly 40 minutes of intense rescue by fire and rescue workers, the dangerous situation of the fire was completely controlled and all six trapped people were rescued. No casualties were caused by the accident.The fire was caused by residents’ careless use of electric candles during the Lantern Festival.In recent years, electric bikes have become a choice for many people because of their convenience and speed, but the safety risks they pose have also increased sharply.February 12 at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, Yangjiang City Jiangcheng Yushui Yazhu near the south gate of a 4-story self-built house fire, the scene continues to smoke, there are 3 people trapped on the roof.Later, the local fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, a group of members in the first floor after breaking the door, using water guns to fight the open fire, and has two burned out of the vehicle;Another group of members through the adjacent houses quickly reached the roof of the building fire successfully rescued 3 trapped people.After 20 minutes of intense rescue by fire and rescue personnel, the open fire was all extinguished.The fire destroyed clothing equipment, clothing, a motorcycle and an electric scooter.Preliminary judgment of the cause of the fire may be the owner parked on the first floor of the electric car for a long time to charge.It is understood that the fire on the first, second and fourth floors of the building for small clothing processing workshops and warehouses, the third floor is a typical set of production, storage, accommodation as one of the “three in one” place, flammable and combustible materials in the house.And the owner of the car parked in the house, if the fire time in the middle of the night when people are sleeping, the consequences are unimaginable.Guangdong fire warning: fire safety is the top priority of home safety, the general public to strengthen the investigation of family fire hazards.Check the electrical lines of the family regularly, and replace the insulation layer in time if there is any problem.Not private pull disorderly wire, not overload electricity;Before going to bed or leaving home, turn off the power supply of non-essential electrical appliances, and do not put combustible materials within half a meter around electrical appliances;Electric cars, lithium batteries do not enter the building, do not enter the house, do not park electric cars in the indoor corridor corridor charging.