What a coincidence!”Bing Dwen Dwen” of this material was unveiled in Guilin

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Bao Tangyuan, guess lantern riddles, do lanterns, do paper cutting…As the Lantern Festival approaches, many communities in Guilin have launched diverse and unique cultural activities.Coinciding with the Beijing Winter Olympics, many community activities are also related to the event.While celebrating yuanxiao and cheering for the motherland, people in Guilin enjoyed the Lantern Festival with relish.”Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong”, the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics, have become popular.From tangyuan to paper-cut, the creative versions of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Snow Rong Rong” have filled the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.Mix the dough, wrap the filling, knead the circle…Wearing masks and gloves, several volunteers make “bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” with glutinous rice flour in The Xiexi community in Guilin City.Jiexi community residents make “ice dwen dwen” with glutinous rice.”Little black dough for noses, eyes and ears;Yellow, red, blue and other dough twist thin around the face around a circle;”Bing Dwen Dwen’s ears and eyes need to be mixed with food coloring, rubbed into dots, strips and lines, and then glued to fine repair…”Community secretary Zhang Yanling said that in order to make Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong healthier, they prepared vegetables, fruits and cuttlefish juice in advance to color the glutinous rice flour.”Although the ‘ice Blocks’ are handmade and not in perfect shape, they show our love and concern for the Winter Olympics.”Community volunteer Xiao Wu said.”Ha ha, I also achieved ‘ice dun dun’ freedom.””I’m going to make more Snow Rong-rong and give him half of my love.”Huitong Community, Qixing District, Guilin launched an activity themed “Celebrate the Lantern Festival, help the Winter Olympics, cheer for Chinese athletes”.Volunteers from Huitong Community New Era Civilization Practice Station taught paper-cutting skills to children in the area under their jurisdiction.Community secretary Shi Xiaoli has been paying attention to the Winter Olympics, it happened that several community volunteers will also paper-cut, we see on the Internet citizens like the mascot ‘Ice Dwen Dwen’, they have the idea of creating Olympic theme paper-cut works.Huitong community paper cutting activities.A pair of scissors, a piece of red paper, flipped and folded, a few minutes later, vivid “Bing Dwen Dwen”, “yingzi” and “Tiger Bao” on the paper……The paper-cut versions of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” made by the children were very rewarding.”I especially like Bing Dwen Dwen. It’s so fulfilling to be able to cut it myself.”Li Lehan, the first grade student, excitedly showed her paper cutting to the reporter.The community activity room at no. 20 binjiang Road, where more than 10 groups of families are making lanterns for the Year of the Tiger, is also busy.This is the Xiaedong community xiupeng Street xiupeng District of Guilin city to carry out the “skillful hands to make lanterns popular science to welcome the Lantern Festival” activities.Children learn food safety knowledge, make tiger lanterns, celebrate the arrival of the Lantern Festival.Children show lanterns in Xedong community, Xiufeng Street, Xiufeng District.Many parents and children are making New Year’s lanterns for the first time, and everyone finds it interesting.Lantern production process is more complicated, and more materials, we learn while making.We help each other, consult each other, cooperate together, it is happy and harmonious.With a happy smile, we patiently make, with all kinds of lanterns with good wishes.Children sit around painting lanterns for the Year of the Tiger in Donghua Community, Xiufeng Street, Guilin city.The teacher introduced the theme and significance of the activity, and explained the method of making lanterns and matters needing attention.The children painted and wrote down their wishes on the lanterns. The delicate and beautiful lanterns were hung up, symbolizing good luck in the New Year.Small tangyuan warm heart nest Dongjiang street garden community Party Committee, new era civilization practice station, family planning association in the party and the masses service center, also jointly carried out the “colorful Tangyuan make yuanxiao ethnic unity as one family” volunteer service activities.Community ethnic compatriots, community police, sanitation workers and volunteers, with colorful dumplings to express good wishes for the Lantern Festival.We work together, some kneading glutinous rice flour, some mixing, some rubbing dumplings…After a while, the dumplings filled with love gradually took shape.The volunteers also used tangyuan to put on a colorful “Happy Lantern Festival” message to push the activity to a climax.Later, community workers and volunteers will send the dumplings to the homes of the elderly, special assistance families and children in distress, so that they can feel the care and joy of the festival.Maoershan community volunteers and old people gathered to make tangyuan.Maoershan community also carried out the “Lantern Festival care for empty nesters” activities.Early in the morning, community volunteers were busy.”My hand-wrapped food is delicious. It’s pure glutinous rice. The core is better than those bought outside, and the sweetness can be determined by yourself.”The residents were busy with their work and conversing with each other.Grandma Zhang, who lives alone and is more than 80 years old, holds the hand of the cadres of the neighborhood committee and says with deep feeling: “I am so happy to make tangyuan with you. Only in this way can we have the taste of the festival. What makes tangyuan make is that we can get together and ‘get together’!”Volunteers from Maoershan Community in Dongjiang Street give boiled glutinous rice balls to grandpa Tu, an 89-year-old party member.Ning Wu, the community secretary, said that when he visited residents’ homes not long ago, he heard grandpa Tu, an 89-year-old party member, trying to eat tangyuan, which was too sweet to eat.Hearing this, the old man talked about it for a few days. Ning Wu and the community staff decided to order a sugar-free dumpling for Tu Lao.We do dumplings sent to tu grandpa home, the old man happy thumbs up.Sun Fuyang, a veteran cadre in his 90s, also got tangyuan sent by the staff.Sun Lao told reporters: because of the epidemic, it is not convenient for his children to come back, but the blessing and sympathy sent by the rest of the day, also let him feel very warm.It is reported that in order to enrich the cultural activities of the veteran cadres and their families during the Spring Festival and carry forward the tradition of respecting and loving the elderly, the guangxi Military Area Command no.3 Guilin Dry Rest Center organized the staff to carry out the Lantern Festival activities of packing tangyuan and sending warmth.All the cadres in the canteen to participate in the production of dumplings, and led by the leadership of the staff will be boiled dumplings to the veteran cadres and their families home, practical door-to-door service.Do not forget the holiday relatives far away from the epidemic affects the hearts of the city’s people.The students of Qintan Branch of Ronghu Primary School in Guilin sent warm wishes and encouragement to the old district by recording a short video of “Baise Cheer up”.In order to record the video, the children drew theme paintings, theme tabloids, three-dimensional flower bouquets and choreographed dances.”We are too young to do anything for Baise, but we hope to send our best wishes to the frontline medical staff and partners of the epidemic through our own actions. We hope Baise can come on.”Third grade students told reporters.The “Small tangyuan big Love for the anti-epidemic angel to send warm activity”, which was carried out in the Chuanshan Community of Qixing Street, Guilin city, invited front-line medical staff to participate.Li Guixiang is a nurse in the physical examination department of Guilin People’s Hospital, and her wife Liu Weihua is also a nurse in the People’s Hospital. When the wuhan epidemic broke out in 2020, Liu Weihua went to support Dongxing in December 2021.Liu Weihua, who completed the mission, has not seen his 2-year-old daughter for two months because of the need for quarantine.Li guixiang attended the event with her daughter and spoke with Liu weihua via video link to send her blessings.Source: Chen Jing Produced by New Media Operation Department of Guilin Daily