These two shadows, they’re really cool

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In the morning of March 20, anhui Chizhou Pingtianhu Scenic area, a car accident into the lake a pregnant woman’s life is in danger of death critical moment two black figures rushed to stage life and death rescue……At around 9:30 on the same day, CAI Song and Zhang Zhaojun, staff members of the Organization Department of guishi District Committee, were carrying out epidemic prevention and control work when they saw a white car sinking in pingtian LakeTwo men looked at parking Zhang Zhaojun immediately rushed to the lake a plunge into the water middle reaches to the men can’t swim Cai Song was on shore to help save the drowning cars have about seven or eight metres offshore Near Zhang Zhaojun struggling to swim to the vehicle Operators are trapped inside the car on a window for help Unable to open the door by pressure See vehicles sinking Zhang Zhaojun pedal body best I could”The water was up to the driver’s waist, so I pulled her out and swam with her to shore,” he said.See Zhang Zhaojun to exhaustion The shore Cai Song very anxious Half a bubble in the water body grabbed the woman’s hand Three successful ashore For the waters of the lake deep To reach them Cars soon completely submerged in the water “was an emergency, simply can’t think of so many, just jumped into the water, only to the fastest speed to save up.”Zhang zhaojun said that he was a party member and an organizing cadre, so he should come forward at such a moment. In the future, he would not hesitate to save people in the first time when he encountered such things. The brief shocking moment shocked Ms. Wu who was rescued”If it wasn’t for your desperate jump, I wouldn’t be standing here right now. I’ll never forget it…”The lake is cold but the heart is warm, netizens said Zhang Zhaojun, CAI Song “deserve” crazy praise!Source: Xinhua News Agency Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng Editor: Lu Kaisheng.Video small program like, click two cancel like to see, click two cancel to see