Steve Nash consoled himself after the Nets’ tough win in Milwaukee

2022-05-27 0 By

Steve Nash consoled himself after the Nets’ 126-123 victory over the defending NBA champion Bucks on Sunday (Feb 27).On the eve of the game, Nets coach Steve Nash confirmed that Simmons had delayed his return because of back strain. Nash dismissed it as a soreness, not an injury, and it was funny to see Nash consoling himself.The reason Nash gave for the loss was that his team had two practices after the All-Star break and the players were too tired.”We’ve had a long road trip,” Nash told reporters after a tough road win over the Bucks. “We’re going to be fine. We’re going to be fine.We had a tough win, but we got the win.”Irving scored 38+5+5 and Curry scored 19+1+2 to win the game on penalty kicks.Facts have proven that Nash has no ability to lead the team, before is not tactical, no counsel, now only comfort themselves, durant repeated injuries, Owen event is still not over, simmons can’t back, in the face of this a series of problems, Nash can only comfort themselves, in addition to this, must choice.We can be sure that with Harden gone, the Nets are no longer a championship team.