Starting at 1910 yuan?IPhone SE is in mass production, A15 chip is so cheap?

2022-05-27 0 By

Apple will hold its spring product event in March and April, and the price of the iPhone SE (model 2022) is expected to hit a new low, according to multiple sources.Analysts believe that the A15 chip and powerful performance of the phone, the Chinese version of the starting price of as little as 1,910 yuan, is expected to drive 1 billion Android users to Switch to Apple.According to Macotakara, the iPhone SE will be equipped with the latest A15 processor, which will have the same performance as the iPhone13 series, and the optimistic estimate is that more than 1 billion Android users will migrate to Apple.However, this phone is positioned as a cheaper version, so there will be some emascuation in terms of peripheral parameters, most likely not MagSafe magnetic charging technology, but Qi wireless charging.The phone is based on iPhone8 as the upgrade template, equipped with a 4.7-inch non-comprehensive LCD screen on the front. It supports Touch ID fingerprint recognition module, but does not support Face ID.The single camera on the back of the phone supports night view mode, intelligent HDR, 3D space scanning and other capabilities, setting a new record for the strongest single lens on the earth. The body thickness is only 7.3mm, and the weight is expected to be controlled within 150 grams.As for price, the iPhone SE is likely to start at around $300, according to media reports citing evidence from materials imported from India.If true, the news, widely considered unreliable by fans, would set a new record for Apple’s lowest-priced phone and its lowest-priced 5G phone.Up to now, Apple has released a total of two “SE” series of mobile phones, with the starting price generally between 3200 and 3300 yuan. In any case, it is impossible to significantly reduce the starting price of the third generation products, which is completely inconsistent with Apple’s consistent pricing strategy.Even if apple really wanted to improve its competitiveness, it would not hurt its image by simply cutting prices, but rather by adding memory versions to the iPhone13 series.The 64GB version of iPhone SE (2020) starts at 3299 yuan, and the 128GB version starts at 3799 yuan. Assuming that the 128GB version of iPhone SE (2022) starts at 3299 yuan, it is equivalent to lowering the price by 500 yuan to enhance competitiveness.However, according to relevant data from Eurasian Economic Commission and India, iPhone SE has three versions A2595, A2783 and A2754. If the iPhone SE really starts with 128GB, it seems unrealistic that the top configuration will reach 512G version, so the probability of keeping the 64GB starting point is very high.No matter how foreign media speculate, rational analysis of iPhone SE should continue to be sold in the 3K price range, the lowest version of 64GB memory, third-party prices should soon be reduced to 2.5K price.Apple wants to focus on mid-range and high-end products in the full price range, and will definitely not allow the iPhone SE to affect the sales of the iPhone12 series. Therefore, the cost performance will not be as horrible as the outside world suspects, which is not in line with Apple’s style.Topic: Do you think it’s possible for the iPhone SE to start at 1,910 yuan?Follow me, leave a message your opinion and everybody discuss together, can also put forward a question to get my reply!