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A total of 25.665 million samples were taken from 2.427 million samples in Shanghai, and 1.925 million samples have been tested. At a press conference on Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work held today (April 5), The Deputy secretary general of Shanghai Municipal Government and the city’s epidemic prevention and control work were just reported.Gu Honghui, director of the office of the leading group, introduced the progress of nucleic acid testing in the city yesterday.By 8 o ‘clock today, April 5, the city sampled a total of 25.665 million people, 2.427 million tube samples, has completed the detection of 1.925 million tube, the rest of the samples are still being tested.Shanghai, April 5 (Xinhua) — The number of new positive cases in Shanghai surpassed 10,000 for the first time yesterday, reaching 13,354, according to a press conference on the city’s epidemic prevention and control work.Since March, more than 73,000 positive cases have been reported in Shanghai.Shanghai:Cumulative screening contact person in Shanghai, 112475 people, have to carry out the control journalists from today (5) epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai held a news conference in the morning, as of 9 PM on April 5th, the outbreak in Shanghai have been trying to close contacts in Shanghai 112475 people, have to carry out the controls, including 106717 nucleic acid test results were negative,The rest are being tested.112,540 people who have been closely connected in Shanghai have been checked and controlled. Among them, 101,839 have negative nucleic acid test results, and the rest are being tested.Shanghai new putting-in-service proactively a batch of square hospital, total about 47700 beds journalists from today (April 5) at the press conference of epidemic prevention and control of Shanghai, Shanghai is actively raise treatment beds and isolation properties, expanded a number of municipal hospital, new putting-in-service proactively a batch of square hospital, total about 47700 beds,Another 30,000 beds are on the way.At the same time, each district actively tapped potential, selected hotels, sports venues, exhibition centers, training centers and other places that meet the epidemic prevention conditions, set up 62 temporary transfer and isolation management points, screening and transport at the same time, to improve transport efficiency.Shanghai (CNS) — The city’s daily maximum nucleic acid testing capacity reached 4 million tubes, according to a press conference on the city’s epidemic prevention and control work held this morning.The city has set up about 20,000 sampling sites and organized about 50,000 sampling personnel.With the active cooperation of the general public, the nucleic acid sampling work in the city was generally smooth and orderly.Shanghai:Is the result of the mixed mining pipe abnormal personnel to carry out second mining the re-inspection today (5) morning at a press conference of epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai, Shanghai to strengthen the mining, transport, inspection, report, nuclear “each link cohesion, compress the nucleic acid samples delivery time, security detection ability to operate at full capacity, improve the efficiency of the results submitted to speed up the positie review at the beginning,Strive to achieve fast acquisition, express, fast inspection, express, fast nuclear.During the period of large-scale sampling, Shanghai adopted many mixed sampling methods.For samples with abnormal test results, it is also necessary to collect and inspect the individuals contained in the samples door by door.The people involved in the abnormal results of the mixed production pipe are being re-examined.After the re-inspection, Shanghai will speed up the transport isolation as the most urgent task at present.Once new positive infected persons are found, they must be transferred immediately, cleared and settled daily, and all receivables should be collected and separated.In accordance with the ninth version of the National guidelines on diagnosis and treatment, we will do our best to treat infected patients, strengthen treatment by category, carry out traditional Chinese medicine intervention treatment, stockpile and use new drugs, and do our best to reduce the rate of severe illness and death.Shanghai:Closed production enterprise can normal operation, temporary pass is still effective in today (April 5) epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai held a press conference, vice secretary of the Shanghai government, said Gu Honghui, director of the epidemic prevention and control work leading group office in Shanghai, Shanghai is clear, during the period of traffic control, the closed production enterprise,Employees should live, work and transport in the park (factory area), implement two-point and one-line closed management, and can produce and operate on the premise of taking various epidemic prevention measures.Public service enterprises, such as water, electricity, fuel oil, gas, communications, transportation, sanitation and grain, oil, meat and vegetable supply, are also in normal operation to ensure the livelihood of citizens and the basic operation of the city.As for the pass, vehicles used for epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment, material support, urban operation, personnel transfer, emergency treatment and other related vehicles can pass normally after being confirmed and verified by municipal industry authorities or district governments.At present, the approved temporary pass for epidemic prevention is still valid and can continue to be used.According to Wu Ganyu, there were 268 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and 13,086 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in Shanghai on April 4.Of the 268 confirmed cases, 14 were detected through closed-loop isolation control, 250 were detected through nucleic acid screening of people at risk, and four were confirmed cases of asymptomatic carriers.Of the 13,086 asymptomatic cases, 12,592 were found in closed-loop isolation control, and 494 were found in nucleic acid screening for people at risk.Of the 268 confirmed cases reported by Wu Ganyu today, 128 are male and 140 are female.By administrative region, 205 cases were reported in Pudong New Area, 11 in Minhang District, 10 in Yangpu District, eight in Huangpu District, eight in Xuhui District, six in Songjiang District, five in Hongkou District, four in Putuo District, jiading District, two in Fengxian District, one in Changning District, one in Jing ‘an District, one in Baoshan District, one in Jinshan District and one in Qingpu.The above 268 cases were confirmed as COVID-19 cases (mild) after consultation by a municipal expert group, combining epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests and imaging findings.Information on 13,086 asymptomatic infected persons can be found through the Shanghai municipal Government.These 13,086 persons were tested positive for novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test by the CDC, and were all diagnosed as asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.As of 9 o ‘clock, April 5, the total number of close contacts in Shanghai has been 112,475, and all of them have been put under control. Among them, 106,717 have negative nucleic acid test results, and the rest are being tested.112,540 people who have been closely connected in Shanghai have been checked and controlled. Among them, 101,839 have negative nucleic acid test results, and the rest are being tested.Wu ganyu said that a large-scale nucleic acid test was carried out in the city yesterday, which is very important to eliminate risk points, cut the chain of transmission and contain the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible.At present, Shanghai has entered the most vigorous and critical stage of epidemic prevention and control.We will adhere to the general policy of dynamic zero elimination without hesitation and unswerving, accelerate efforts to ensure that all cases are checked, all cases are received, all cases are separated, and all cases are treated, constantly optimize prevention and control measures, and strive to achieve the goal of social zero elimination in the shortest possible time.Shanghai: positive infection medicine utilization rate more than 98%, has been shipped more than 21 million doses Chinese medicine prevention in the formulas today (April 5) epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai held a news conference, shuguang hospital affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine disease prevention and control of base room min, head of the usage of traditional Chinese medicine in the prevention and control are introduced.Fang said traditional Chinese medicine has played a positive role in the prevention and control of COVID-19, and the use rate of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in Shanghai has remained above 98 percent for positive cases.Municipal expert group of TCM and designated hospitals carried out clinical diagnosis and treatment according to the ninth edition of TCM diagnosis and treatment plan, combined with the characteristics of Shanghai TCM syndrome differentiation, and achieved good results.Preliminary clinical data show that it has a unique advantage in accelerating discharge rate and blocking progression.At present, Shanghai has sent many municipal and district MEDICAL teams of TCM to designated hospitals and centralized isolation and treatment sites. The TCM team has played an active role, and TCM anti-epidemic prescriptions are well received by patients.We should use traditional Chinese medicine as soon as possible, and pay equal attention to prevention and treatment.On 31 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that TCM can effectively treat COVID-19, reduce the progression of mild-moderate cases to severe cases, shorten the time of virus clearance and improve the clinical prognosis of patients with mild and moderate COVID-19.Early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine can not only improve the symptoms of patients, but also the drugs are mostly beneficial to qi and spleen, dampness and heat clearing, detoxification and stasis removing, so it has the effect of blocking the penetration of poison and evil.At the same time, for the general population including high-risk groups, when the epidemic is severe, taking anti-epidemic Chinese medicine has a good preventive effect.In early March, The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “Prevention Plan of External Infectious Diseases of Susceptible Groups by Internal Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spring 2022” formulated by the National Base for Prevention and Control of Epidemic Diseases of Traditional Chinese Medicine, providing TCM preventive prescriptions to people in isolation points and key quarantine-controlled streets, towns, communities and buildings, which was well received by the masses.On this basis, TCM prevention and intervention has been carried out to cover the whole population of the city. So far, more than 21 million TCM preventive prescriptions have been distributed to various streets and towns, which has played a positive role in establishing epidemic prevention barriers as soon as possible.