Break Europe and the United States 46 years of monopoly, Han Cong Sui Wenjing full strength of gold, no one can bear before and after

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Break the Europe and the United States in 46 monopoly, Han Cong SuiWenJing Beijing games are full of gold, because of the advantage of natural conditions, figure skating, the project almost became the “arena” of European and American countries, in the 1964 winter Olympics, as the former Soviet union athletes won the gold in pairs, directly open the monopoly on this project for 46 years,Until the 2010 vancouver winter Olympics, a Chinese player to get the gold medal, that is shen zhao with 216.57 points, to get our first winter Olympic gold medal in the Chinese history, and to put an end to the state of Russia’s monopoly on the sport, not only that the qing pang, jian tong also won the runner-up, zhang Zhang Haopai to fifth place.This a transcript, also became our China sport peak moment, but a professional skating athletes age are generally lower, when the shen xue zhao retire soon, after the pillar is retired when skating project obviously China is entering a period state, even in the 2014 winter Olympics in sochi,Our Chinese team had almost nothing in figure skating, but fortunately a rescuer soon appeared.After many years of pain, the Chinese team skating project rescuers finally appeared, SuiWenJing Han Cong became the leader of Beijing cycle, the two men also have a lot of regret, pyeongchang winter Olympics in 2018, with only 0.43 points behind champions get runners-up, finally in the Beijing Olympics, for the national team athletes,Winter games is the highest glory to attend the door, they also did not let you down, the test of the winter Olympics in Beijing, SuiWenJing Han Cong unexpectedly have won 3 gold, with a proud achievement, both of them become natural, the Beijing games are favourites for the title, this word is not hyperbole.Because for Chinese figure skating team, the sport is for all projects, to win the maximum possible, China in the history of Olympic figure skating project, won eight gold MEDALS in total, there are six is the sport, take the recent heat largest women’s project, in fact, no matter who almost can’t get champion, but the sport strength,In the major international competitions, the results have always been among the best, so people put their hopes of winning the figure skating championship almost entirely on Sui Wenjing and Han Cong.SuiWenJing to action after injury, comeback this union has showed good state, both of them to get the railway station, Italy, and Canada stand, not only that they also refreshed the season best result, attention is not only their strength, and both of them, the relationship between performance may be during too perfect,So everyone for their relationship has a lot of speculation, coupled with the “kiss” before the event, the relationship between the two people once again aroused people, many people think they are really too like lovers, but in fact, as a professional athlete, or both of the most important or pay more attention to performance, coupled with our skating overall strength is a cause for concern.Currently only pairs are beckoning, so almost all the pressure of the gold medal upon this pair of combination of them, it is conceivable that they should have more nervous, actually two people are not gifted player, able to take out such achievement today, is very admirable, although there is injury suddenly strikes, two people who don’t give in to continue training,Whether technical movements, or partner in a partnership exchange, on both of them have never stopped, the games are won goal also stayed in their hearts, finally wait for the arrival of the Olympic Games in Beijing, returned from injury of two people is like nirvana reborn, constantly to get the gold medal in the competition, win for the Beijing games is a good sign,But the Beijing Winter Olympic Games for our Chinese athletes, there are special feelings and significance, and prepare for higher technical works, this heavy pressure on them, is not an easy thing, but no matter what the result, let us wish the Chinese Olympic athletes can win the crown.