Art students are facing tough times, with 56 universities cancelling 73 majors in succession

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The college of Fine Arts has revised its admission plan for art schools as 56 universities have canceled 73 majors.In today’s society, study is the most important, because at this critical moment, all examinees will choose their own study.In order to be able to get the admission letter of their favorite university in the exam time, then in the middle school, they must make efforts to make their children stand out in the university.The total number of students in 2021 is 10.71 million, and the number of students in 2022 is still growing. This time, the number of students will reach a new height, and all students except those who are admitted must pass the exam.Among these students, most of them are students from the department of art, and there are also some students from the department of art who are interested in art, performance, fine arts and other aspects.It is not an easy way to get into the art college, because the competition between them is very cruel, so the number of students in the art department is not as large as the number of students in the culture department, and more and more students take part every year.However, want to be admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, it is not an easy thing, because this is a very cruel industry.Within the scope of the country, the number of schools specializing in fine arts is limited, it is impossible to have so many majors, and the students majoring in fine arts are more art colleges and universities.If a student is successful in college, he will definitely choose a top art college, and this kind of art college will definitely attract many students.However, the number of students in cities is relatively small, and only a few succeed in fulfilling their dreams, while those who do not make it to the land will be chosen by others.Among the students of the Academy of Fine Arts, there are not many people who have had two experiences, especially in comprehensive universities and teachers’ departments.Only some comprehensive universities offer fine arts majors, but in the reform, many fine arts majors have been abolished.Art students suffer from cold weather?56 universities have withdrawn 73 majors, in the end what to do, from the list of major colleges and universities can be seen, 56 universities have cancelled 73 majors, these cancelled majors are art, are undergraduate level majors.Jilin University, one of the most famous universities in China, has cancelled its department of clothing and fashion design, while Langfang Normal University and Tangshan Normal University have also cancelled this major.Huazhong Agricultural University cancelled 1 item, Hunan cancelled 2 items, Tangshan Normal University cancelled 3 items, Inner Mongolia Hongdewen Department cancelled 2 items.There are far fewer of them than in other schools, where there are only a few, such as product design, acting, costume design, design, environmental protection, etc.As to want to take an examination of art take an examination of, want to consider his artistic talent above all, no matter do fine art, perhaps do dance, want to have certain talent, and want to become an art examinee, must want to have own talent.If it were not for the success of school, students would learn faster and be better.The cost of learning art is very high, it is generally more than 10 years after the ability to learn, so the child’s requirements are higher.It takes a lot of time and a long period of sustained effort for students to make an impact, and each class is very expensive.From this point of view, art education for students is also a large expenditure, so their living conditions are not good.The enrollment of art colleges and universities is relatively low. Compared with ordinary liberal arts colleges and universities, there are relatively few majors suitable for art colleges and universities, while for students in art colleges and universities, there are more subjects to choose.The life of art examination is not easy, coupled with the pressure of cultural courses, for art examination, this period of time is not an easy thing, because of the study of cultural courses, many art students will choose cultural courses.It takes a long time to train and depends on your own effort and savvy, so the art exam is a good choice.In order to cultivate a number of potential artists, it is necessary to carry out strict management of art colleges and universities.Expanding enrollment and opening fine arts majors in universities will inevitably create a vicious circle, which will affect the development of fine arts colleges.