69.9 points!Gu Ailing ranked third in the first jump, and the two rivals for the title played well in the first round

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Beijing Time on February 15, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final began to compete, the qualification ranked third Gu Ailing 10th appearance, her first round of movement is relatively smooth, got 69.90 points, temporarily ranked third.In the qualifying match, Gu made a mistake in the first round, but she stood up to the pressure and played well in the second round to reach the final.In the final, Gu’s biggest rivals are Siirdaru and Keeley, both of whom scored well in qualifying.GuAiLing finals in the first round of competition, the play was very stable in area of props, she was more effective platform area, she is also very stable, the entire action is very smooth, just appeared on some little affectations some flaws, this time she should finish is smooth, eventually she this set of movements scored 69.90 points, ranking the second.According to the rules, the final competition is divided into three rounds, and the best results are selected to determine the champion.Gu’s result in the first round was not as high as expected. In the next two rounds, Gu still has to try for more difficult moves, only in this way can she hope to win the gold medal.Soon after the appearance of Killy made a mistake, the first round results are not ideal, Siirdaru play or good, got 82.06 points, ranked first, Gu Ailing ranked third.There are two more rounds to come.