“Scrap today” great news!Six provinces announced prices, all up, the largest increase of 80 yuan

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Accompanied by February 7, hong kong-listed officially starts, the ministry, the National Development and Reform Commission, the ecological environment in three departments jointly issued the “about promoting the development of high quality iron and steel industry guidance”, the document clear again, in 2025, the use of scrap iron and steel industry resource of more than 300 million tons, electric furnace steelmaking above 15%, and ensure that carbon reach peak 2030 years ago.At the beginning of the New Year, the country attaches great importance to the development of high quality steel industry.For all the bosses, this is undoubtedly a great gift from the state to the steel industry, especially the scrap industry, in 2022.In the New Year, risks and opportunities coexist, but on the whole, the opportunities outweigh the risks. Dear bosses, roll up your sleeves and work hard!I. Tianjin: Tianjin Steel Pipe (Seamless) : up 70 yuan.Burden scrap 1 3540, heavy waste 2 3495, medium 3414-3468, small 3360, excluding tax.Liaoning Province: Liaoning Jinxing Special Steel: 50 yuan.15 thick fine waste 3520,10 heavy waste 3490,8 heavy waste 3460, 6-8 thick medium waste 3420, 4-6 thick light material 3310-3340, large car bow 3500, large car front and rear bridge 3410, large car ring 3460 gearbox engine, body 3280-3310, foreign big hanging extra price.Three, Hebei Province: Hebei Qinhuang Island Hongxing: part of the increase of 30 yuan.Fine steel: 3790, high quality steel: 3770, heavy waste A: 3690, heavy waste B:3630, Silicon steel sheet 3590(triangle), cold plate debris 3590(2 thick, no galvanized), silicon steel sheet crushing material 3590(pellet, no surface, no pig iron), silicon steel sheet crushing material 3280(sheet, no surface, no galvanized), steel bar block 3420(8 roundness and above), iron block 3420(2 thick and above),General grade 2700~2750, general grade 2870~2900, small steel shavings 2970~3000, large steel shavings 3080~3100.Hebei Xingtai Delong: up.Cangang Steel Group: Scrap collection is scheduled for February 10, 2022 (the 10th day of the first month)!Four, Shanxi Province: Shanxi Changzhi Jinye Iron and Steel: scrap steel, crushing raw materials unified up 80 yuan.Five, Gansu Province: Lanzhou Lanxin: up 30 yuan.Heavy waste 6 thick 3110, first grade material 4-6 thick above 3030-3110, second grade material 2-3 thick above 2860-2950, third grade material 1-2 thick above 2780-2860, reinforcing block reinforcement head 3140, pig iron 3080, large template wool 2990, excluding tax.Six, henan province: anyang ya new executive price: steel plate 10 thick more than 3570,6 thick more than 3520, machine pig iron 3400, steel 3440, steel cutting head 3560, super 16 thick more than 3550, weight A10 thick more than 3510, weight B6 thick more than 3450.Disclaimer: all scrap trucks must be covered with tarpaulin before weighing or they will not be weighed!Monthly readership: 3333