Monthly fees as low as 100 yuan, but also can be deferred!This endowment insurance may concern you

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In June 2021, China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) launched “exclusive commercial endowment insurance” for new industries and new forms of business employees, such as couriers and online ride-hailing drivers. Six insurance companies took the lead in carrying out pilot programs in Zhejiang and Chongqing. What is so special about this exclusive endowment insurance?Liu Zhenyou, who works in the Courier industry in Chongqing, started to plan for his retirement in 2021, signing up for a special endowment insurance designed for flexible employment.He said he pays about 800 yuan a month, or 9,600 yuan a year.He takes out a 10-year contract and can only receive it after he turns 60. He can get about 1,500 yuan a month.Belong to the Xu Liang of personnel of flexible obtain employment likewise, be engaged in security work in Chongqing at present, also cast insurance this year exclusive endowment insurance, flexible pay cost means is he most value, because income is much when can pay a bit more, income is little when can pay a bit less.The staff told reporters that the biggest feature of exclusive commercial endowment insurance is that it is simple and flexible, and can be paid monthly, yearly or even one-time;When encountering difficulties, we can postpone communication.Deng Jian, secretary general of Chongqing Express Association: the threshold is very low. There is basically no threshold. When you pay the monthly fund, you can have as much money as you like.Industry insiders said that exclusive commercial endowment insurance focuses on “pension”, strict provisions of the insurance benefits can be received after the retirement of the policyholder, long-term stable investment to ensure the steady income of this kind of products.Wang Wen, vice president of PicC life Insurance: The premium of exclusive commercial endowment insurance is guaranteed after input, and there will be guaranteed interest rate every year in the future.Our stable portfolio account, currently reported realized return of 5%, aggressive investment account reported realized return of 5.3%, compared with some traditional insurance products, or very advantageous.Starting from March 1, 2022, the pilot area of exclusive commercial endowment insurance will be expanded to the whole country, allowing pension companies to participate in the pilot on the basis of the original six insurance companies, according to a notice issued by the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC).Figures show that China’s current express delivery and delivery of more than 10 million personnel of flexible obtain employment, plus more than 300 nets about car drivers and tens of thousands of housekeeping, security guards, large number of flexible obtain employment groups, their pension is the focus of society demand, exclusive launch of the commercial endowment insurance, to some extent, filled the gap on this.Chen Yingdong, director of CBRC’s Personal Insurance Supervision Department: As of January 2022, the cumulative number of insurance policies is 50,000, and the cumulative premium income is 400 million yuan. In particular, the number of insured people with flexible employment in new business forms has reached nearly 10,000. Overall, the pilot program is relatively stable.In order to make this product reach more people and provide them with more old-age security, we have decided to extend the pilot to the whole country and allow old-age insurance institutions to participate in the pilot.After the announcement, many pension insurance companies plan to test the waters.Gan Weimin, chairman of Ping an Pension Insurance: actively apply for products and strive to become the first group of pension insurance companies to develop exclusive commercial pension insurance products;For key customer groups, such as flexible employment personnel, online ride-hailing drivers, etc., make relevant provisions for them scientifically and flexibly.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: