Did Chen Turin and Yin Zheng return at night?Filmed again!She had an affair with Yang Mi’s ex-husband

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Chen Turin’s recent painting style is actually a little difficult to understand.Beauty in the play, play “strange strange”.On the one hand, she cooperated with Luo Yunxi’s costume drama “Ember of the Long Moon” successfully completed;The play has not yet been broadcast, but the various styles have been successfully “beauty hot search”.Face if bodhisattva, if the heart of the role set, Chen Turin perfect interpretation;A white dress, the wind holding the lantern beautiful picture, or holding fireworks smiling posture, are beautiful and pure and moving.It’s very impressive.On the other hand, she was once again exposed and Yoon Jeong “suspected love.”Yin Zheng and Chen Turin, suspected of returning to the same community in the middle of the night.Of course, the stars live in the high-end community, the choice is limited, if the neighbors are not strange.For example, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun have been neighbors for many years.However, it is worth noting that Yin zheng and Chen Turin have been photographed in the same hotel before.The behavior is quite “close” and looks more like a “meeting” than a chance encounter.Now back to the same community was shot again, also very close to “do real love” painting style.As of press time, the two parties Chen Turin, Yin Zheng, have not publicly responded.Previously, Chen was rumored to be romantically involved with Yang mi’s ex-husband Hawick Lau.(Of course, the timeline is years after Yang Mi’s divorce from Hawick Lau.)Some netizens think that this is just the usual way to grab the popularity of the drama during the publicity period;Others say it is a routine story that has been faked and denied.It is hard to say whether Chen Turin and Yun Zheng are real or not.Yin Zheng’s “Sideburns are not Begonias red”, in the case of various “double male protagonists” frequently popular at that time, did not become a real popular style, but the heat is not low.On the contrary, the modeling and figure of Yin Zheng opera both in and out of the play have caused a lot of controversy.His status at many events has also been described as increasingly “auntie”.On one hand, he actively and frequently shares his diet on social media.On the one hand, they denied his “establishment of thin people set”, accused the net friends slandering him.Tapping his mobile phone at passers-by in public was also seen as irritable and impolite.In han Han’s Fame and Fame and Han Han’s The Four Seas, Yin zheng’s performance has received mixed reviews and was criticized for being greasy.Chen started his career in Su’s The Left Ear, and the career paths of his two co-stars, Ma Sichun and Guan Xiaotong, seem to be increasingly different.Perhaps her most noteworthy upcoming project is the long Moon.In the story, Chen Played Ye Bingchang, when she first came online, she always wore the mask of “warm, good and kind”, gradually revealing her fear and gloom.She claimed that “I also wanted to be a good person,” but in the face of the fear of loss after the loss of the heart, vicious and sinister, can be called the typical representative of the “evil woman.”It’s worth waiting to see if this character will be hated, feared, regretted and lamented.As for the off-screen love story, it may not be that important to the audience, as long as she is happy.