Works by Gabriele Falconi | Use diversified design language to create a different artistic texture space

2022-05-25 0 By

FalconiGabriele Falconi studio has a diverse design experience, and they like to balance rough and fine, and mix different design elements throughout the space to combine practicality and aesthetics.Designed by designer Gabriele Falconi for a collector, this villa uses black as the main color of the space with some high purity colors, which make the whole space very active and advanced. Coupled with some gray colors, the whole space is enriched with layers and texture.In the whole living room, the designer takes black as the main color of the space. The background wall chooses black stone. Some bright colors also make the whole space very bright, so that the whole space is rich in texture and spatial hierarchy.In the space, the designer chose some unique chairs and pure colors to give the whole space some artistic atmosphere.R House D House