The age of 10 yuan of seniority allowance has passed, and a variety of benefits for primary and secondary school teachers are worth looking forward to

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When it comes to seniority allowance, many teachers have something to say, and it’s a common topic of conversation among teachers outside of work.Original teaching age allowance is very simple and clear, designed to encourage the teacher set his mind at to teach, ready to teach, to make teachers teach for a long time and specially set up a welfare project, and, in many places, teaching age allowance has long been a part of wages results, let teachers wage income a year more than a year, also let teachers have motivation and hope,Can see a teacher professional hope and advantage, however, with the rapid development of society and progress in recent years, people’s material conditions, living standards improve, and teaching age allowance standards has been very stable, did not make the corresponding adjustment, make a lot of the teacher to talk about school age allowance, talk to erect and tone are very tactful.The author worked as a school in the country for many years the old teacher, for teaching age allowance situation is understanding, also often hear from my colleagues in the chat, discussion about this topic, we know that a lot of places are of school age allowance standard, or to implement a in the mid – eighty – s, the rule is this:Work five years less than ten years of teachers, teaching age allowance for three yuan a month, ten years for $5 to 15 years, 15 years to 20 years is 7 yuan, after 20 years of teaching experience with a month of school age allowance is basic fixed, ten yuan a month, this is the top ten yuan, many teachers usually says to tell you the truth, this standard measured by price level at that time,Combined with people’s overall income level, it is not too low.In decades later today to see, however, obviously, we are already to improve the teaching age allowance of time, because of our overall wages, compared to a few decades ago, there have been dozens of times, the growth of wages more than one hundred of the eighty s, is now WuLiuQian, and teaching age allowance has been long, has been at the level of 10 yuan,No wonder some teachers make a joke like this: in the past, it was almost 50 fen per year, but now it is only 30 fen. Some even make a joke that the teaching age allowance of 10 yuan has become a joke among teachers.Therefore, in the context of vigorously improving the treatment of teachers in various places, the voice of adjusting the teaching age allowance has gradually been mentioned on the agenda, and many places have explored and tried the standard of teaching age allowance.Now, in henan and other places have take the lead in the school age allowance for substantial reform, to improve teachers’ treatment of desire, fell on feet, teaching age allowance from ten yuan caps, instead of teaching every year, increase teaching age allowance is increased 10 yuan, can increase the uncapped, that is to say, a teacher of teaching experience for ten years, he receive teaching age allowance is one hundred yuan a month,The teaching age for twenty years of teachers, the monthly teaching age allowance is 200 yuan, teaching age allowance for twenty-two years of teaching age is 220 per month, and so on, the older the teaching age of the old teachers, so, his teaching age allowance will be higher.It also provides reliable data on seniority allowances elsewhere, giving teachers a real sense of gain and professional happiness.Around, of course, due to the economic development is not balanced, everyone’s salary standard, also is very normal, but, with the changing of The Times, we have every reason to believe that our education environment will be more and more pleasant, like henan and other places at the same time of improving teaching age allowance, in class teacher allowances and subsidies, rural teachers year-end target performance, etc.,As the subject said, the age of ten yuan of senior allowance has passed, and a variety of benefits for primary and secondary school teachers are worth looking forward to. As long as we gather our hearts together and do our own work well, our work will be more and more happy and our life will be more and more fulfilling.