Spring Festival cultural travel market is off to a good start!

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During the 2022 Spring Festival holiday, scenic spots and rural tourism spots continue to hold colorful festive activities with distinctive themes, creating a rich festive atmosphere of joy and jubilation.Culture and tourism market overall smooth and orderly, strong guarantee.During the Spring Festival, zhuhai blockbuster launch “text brigade huimin welfare, double garden year free” “New Year New Year, warm often in” and “the year of the tiger lunar New Year special, global hotel as” three huimin measures, let citizens and tourists to fully experience “liyang temperature”, for launch in 2022 “text brigade fusion consolidate breakthrough year” implementation “good start” laid a solid foundation.During the Spring Festival, the city took the lead in launching three measures to benefit the people, which effectively boosted the confidence of the tourism market and increased the overall benefits of tourism-related industries.Scenic spots, rural tourism areas (spots) and key rural tourism villages included in the tourism statistics of the city received 936,100 tourists, achieving a revenue of nearly 110 million yuan.Among them, Tianmu Lake Tourism resort received 374,500 tourists, up 6.15% year on year;Caoshan Tourist Resort received 129,600 tourists, 18.36% more than last year;Star-rated hotels and well-known brand hotels in the city received 37,100 tourists.The 53 b&Bs (including 44 star-rated tea houses) received a total of 8,025 tourists, and the occupancy rate of zhumaling · Jie, which is in a light level, reached 100% during the first six days.In addition to the cultural tourism policy, the city’s cultural tourism enterprises also launched a unique New Year festival activities, jointly ignited the Spring Festival holiday.In the Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden and nanshan Bamboo Area, the Spring Festival themed activity “Tianmu Lake: Going Home” opened the memories of the past and reminded the tourists of their hometown.National tide folk drum, dragon and lion dance, scene theater, lantern parade, full of Chinese New Year.Hantian Peninsula specially plans the theme activities of “Gathering The Flavor of New Year · Hui Intangible Cultural Heritage”, including non-heritage market, flash show, family entertainment and natural hot spring.Meijie Mountain Spa Resort launched a theme activity of “Cute Tiger” in Jie, which featured fu Tiger touring the mountain, fun farm, fireworks show and Genting cinema, with cute attributes throughout the audience.With the theme of “field market”, the exhibition will promote liyang folk culture, special snacks and traditional handicrafts to further enrich cultural tourism.Old objects such as farm tools and bellows surrounded by wheat ears, straw hats of traditional style, Liyang dialect on cultural shirts and Liyang nursery rhymes in posters of desk calendar bear the childhood and feelings of many people.Caoshan Tourism Resort presents a series of activities, such as ringing the New Year bell, customs of the New Year, long corridor of Lantern Festival, music on the island, ultraman theme exhibition, and enjoy the New Year together.In order to ensure a stable and orderly cultural tourism market, during holidays, the city strictly controls tourist flow in scenic spots according to 75% of the carrying capacity. Major scenic spots strictly implement time-sharing reservation system and various epidemic prevention and control measures, and adopt comprehensive inspection before the festival, on-site inspection during the festival, and joint spot check during the festival to form a closed loop.The volunteer service team organized by the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism goes to key scenic spots every day to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control, evacuation and civilization guidance and other volunteer services, forming a warm red volunteer service network in the busy scenic spots.Content sources | liyang city combines media center reporter | wu titiyeah image | liyang text brigade this edit | Yang Tong