Shanxi plans to tighten restrictions on food stalls

2022-05-25 0 By

Yellow River news net news (reporter Zhou Yuli) in order to further standardize food XiaoTanDian management, guide, supervise and urge food XiaoTanDian operators and implement the responsibilities for food safety, food business operations in accordance with law, market supervision and administration of Shanxi Province drafted the market supervision and administration of food in shanxi XiaoTanDian food safety supervision and management measure (trial) “(draft).On March 15, the reporter learned that the “management measures (trial)” is currently soliciting opinions from the society, the time ends on March 23.According to the Administrative Measures (Trial), the food business activities of food stalls shall meet the following requirements: Within 15 days from the date of establishment, a food stall record card shall be obtained in accordance with the relevant local regulations, and the record card shall be hung up in an obvious place or carried by employees when conducting business activities;Engage in business activities in the areas and time periods designated by the local government, and encourage food stalls to operate in centralized trading markets, stores and other fixed places;It shall have tools for making and selling, storage containers and work surfaces suitable for the variety and quantity of food it handles;It shall have corresponding kiosks, sheds, vehicles, platforms and closed containers for the storage of wastes and other facilities;To be processed food and direct food, raw materials and finished products separate storage, avoid food contact with toxic, unclean substances;Food raw materials meet food safety standards;Use non-toxic, harmless and clean packaging materials;Tableware and containers for ready-to-eat food should be washed and disinfected before use. Cookware and utensils should be washed and kept clean after use.If there are no cleaning and disinfection conditions, disposable tableware can be used. All disposable tableware should meet food safety standards and relevant regulations. Disposable tableware should not be reused.The containers, tools and equipment used for storing, transporting and loading and unloading food are safe, harmless and kept clean, meeting the temperature and humidity requirements for food safety, and food shall not be stored or transported together with toxic or harmful substances;Employees shall maintain personal hygiene, wear clean work clothes, caps and masks, and undergo an annual medical examination, and wear or publicize valid health certificates when engaged in business activities;When selling unpackaged ready-to-eat foods, non-toxic and clean containers, selling tools and equipment shall be used. Effective preservation measures shall be taken for foods with special requirements for freshness, heat preservation, refrigeration or freezing.The water used shall conform to the hygienic standards for drinking water set by the State;The use of food additives conforms to food safety standards;Detergents and disinfectants are safe and harmless to human body.Other requirements stipulated by laws and regulations.The Administrative Measures (For Trial Implementation) clearly states that any organization or individual may, in accordance with the law, obtain food safety information from relevant departments, put forward opinions and suggestions on supervision and management, and complain or report acts of food stalls violating food safety laws and regulations.If a food stand is subject to administrative punishment for violating laws and regulations for three times in a year, the market supervision department at the county (city or district) level shall order it to suspend production and business operations until the food stand record card is withdrawn according to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Administration of Small Food Workshops and Small Business Shops of Shanxi Province.Where a food stall record card is withdrawn, the issuing department of the record card shall be notified.Source: Yellow River News Network