Is it worthwhile to read a PhD after graduation?Reality gives you the answer

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Perhaps for most of the high school examinees dream is to be admitted to a good university, but there are also many people want to be admitted to the national graduate students, and some people even want to be admitted to the national highest education is to become a postdoctoral, so what advantages do postdoctoral have in the end make many people want to study for a doctor?For some people, does a postdoc have a big impact on their personal development and life?After all, is it really worth it to be an elderly teenager 10 years after finishing a PhD?Of course, it is very worthwhile to be a post-doctor, because if you can become a post-doctor, it means that you have received the highest education in China and obtained the highest degree.Postdocs are generally national scientific research talents, as well as some technical talents, so their contributions to the country are very great, which is a very memorable thing, so it is a very worthwhile thing, but this is only limited to the contribution to the country.There is in the works for the above a postdoctoral job is very simple, because for doctoral students in the country is very few, every year there are about 500000 reading doctoral students across the country, but each year graduate fresh PhD students may only 30000 or so, there are about 60000 reading, means that graduate PhD is only half a year,Many PhD students are either delayed or unable to stick with it, opting out of the PhD route of their own accord.At present, all large enterprises and companies welcome doctoral students to work and study in the company, because if they can become a doctoral student, the test of their work technology and spirit is very great, so he is very qualified to become a staff member.That is to say, if you become a doctoral student, it is easier to find a job than an undergraduate, and the job content is easier.In general, to be a postdoc is a very worthwhile thing, and you should do it if you have an ideal.02 PhD very high demand for the individual may be some people on television, and some are all seen on media, have such reports, some people read the post-doctoral reading becomes a madman, and there are some people who read Dr. Aunt also became a sweeping the floor, such as news, actually this is just a few part of the talent, the majority of doctoral students is normal,In addition, they have very high wisdom and talent, and they are very strict with their own requirements, and they have the spirit of perseverance and perseverance to challenge authority.As an undergraduate, he may apply for a master’s degree and a doctoral degree, which is now called the combination of master’s degree and doctoral degree. In this case, it normally takes 8 years for a doctoral student to graduate. However, due to the high requirements for graduation examination, some students still have a certain difficulty in completing their studies.So it might take a little bit longer to get to a graduation level, which means by the time he graduates, he’s already very old.Compared to the average youth, he spoke like an older youth.In fact, if you want to become a doctoral student, with a firm belief and perseverance, you can still become the one in ten thousand.Doctoral student is not as simple as we think, he needs to go through a lot of hardships to become a qualified doctoral student.He usually follows his teachers to complete some extremely difficult tasks. For example, the current COVID-19 epidemic is closely related to doctoral students, who have worked hard to develop novel coronavirus resistant drugs, which can calm the current epidemic.Become a doctoral student, it may be for some people to spend the rest of your life energy, almost all of the time are used in the study, together with research division, now on the safety in the face of their own life planning or less, and more relative to some people, missing some some of the steps in love get married and have children,The immediate success of a career may be less fun for some, but the payoff is a good job and a smart mind.Everyone’s choice is different, which means his path is also different. For some people, they may work hard at the age of 16, get married at the age of 20, and have children at the age of 22. This may be the life of ordinary people.If some people who have received 12 years of compulsory education work at the age of 25, get married at 28 and have children at 30, it is also very normal.Xiaobian message:Doctoral students are still very enviable a degree and a doctoral student in what is now the world is less and less, because many people now are more lazy, don’t want to go to thinking some very complicated things, so will lead to the nation’s talent may be in decline, so still advocate to develop more unknown things and innovation,It is also very meaningful for my life.The future is to rely on their own to create, more chuang more vigorous.