Do you want to go on the track?The two champion drivers meet to drive the ice and snow all-around champion 508L

2022-05-25 0 By

This winter, wonderful.Especially with the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, the heat of the national ice and snow sports is getting stronger and stronger. The topic of “champion” and “champion” has become hot. The speed and passion of athletes in the ice and snow stadium makes people excited.While everyone is in the Olympic athletes crazy dozen Call, the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics has already infected the racing world’s two big stars — these two champion drivers already can not bear driving control blood, rub their hands.To that end, they were looking for a car that would fit the driving needs of the current Winter Olympic championship season.After a comparative consideration, Peugeot 508L became their first choice.As the new French driving control flagship, Peugeot 508L has a series of superior configurations including CLDR master chassis adjustment, five-link independent suspension, AMVAR variable independent suspension, etc. The core configuration supports Peugeot 508L’s core driving control performance.With extraordinary driving control strength, and “champion” forged an indissoluble bond.In the previous 2021 CCPC China Automobile Ice & Snow Challenge, Peugeot 508L easily passed the rigorous track test with its control advantages supported by the brand’s centennial championship gene, demonstrating the vehicle’s excellent driving and control strength and excellent product quality in acceleration, cornering, braking and grip under ice and snow road conditions.And won the first place in the group of Snow Elk Challenge, snow pile Challenge and snow Comprehensive performance Challenge. It stood out from the competition of many popular middle and senior cars and finally won the comprehensive champion of the car group.Of course, the two winners of this duel are also famous:Liu Zanxuan is regarded as the hero coming out of idol dramas. He is not only the founder of EMC2 F3 Racing Team, but also won many awards such as the 2018 China Supercar Championship, the 2019 FIA F4 runner-up, and the 2021 FORMULA F4 Drivers cup runner-up.Moreover, he participated in many variety show recording, such as “The Strongest Brain” and “Heartbeat Signal”.Cui Yue is the first Chinese driver to win two PCCA titles in a single weekend. He also won the 2016 China Touring Car Championship in Shanghai, the fastest Asian Driver of the 2018 Porsche Carrera Cup, and the 2019 China Supercar Championship in Shanghai.After choosing a good car, the two champion drivers met Shanghai Tianma Circuit, driving Peugeot 508L on the track to compete against each other, this is really a word on the appointment of “driving”.This will also be another trip to the track for Peugeot 508L. At that time, the two champion drivers are expected to take you to intuitively feel the driving strength of Peugeot 508L, the “all-around champion of ice and snow”, and deeply explore the champion style under the Peugeot brand track gene.What will be the result of the competition between the champion driver and the champion car, and what will be the spark with Peugeot 508L?With suspense and anticipation, Be there or be square on February 25.