Black technology or new strange?SONY’s srS-NS7 is a new bluetooth speaker

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My friend is a firm “SONY fan”. With the “gay friendship” between my friend and me, I also experienced many new SONY products, so that every time I talk with my friends in the digital circle about “Dafa” products, I can always talk with ease.At the end of last year, SONY released the srS-NS7, the first bluetooth speaker to be sold overseas.Towards the middle of this month, SONY finally released our domestic version of the SRS-NS7, priced at 1,999 yuan as a pack.As a senior cable fan, friends naturally “buy first for respect”, so I also had the opportunity to experience a SONY’s latest black technology in the first time.Hanging bluetooth speaker is not a day or two, but the landlord has not really experienced it.To tell the truth, when I first saw the design of this thing, the landlord’s heart was very disgusted: hang the speaker on your neck?This is so stupid…Who can open “outside put” walk around, let alone the neck not tired yao?I know you’re gonna make the same joke.But after the experience, I realized I was still too young.How to use it?Though seem more “exotic” design concept, but it’s structure is simple, is a similar to digital shoulders, can be directly around the neck, after frame in our shoulders on both sides (at first sight a little neck massager that) bring about positive products used the gray fabric, tactility and home feeling is very strong, wear in the body would not be too abrupt;The back is silicone material, exquisite degree needless to say, the most important thing is to reduce the friction between clothing, and cleaning will be easier.The function key area is at both ends inside the device, one of which contains Mic, mute button, on key and indicator light;The other side contains the volume “+” and “-” buttons and the pause button ▲ Yes, it also includes a pickup Mic, which I didn’t expect.This means that it will be very good to use for both phone calls and hacking!(as shown below) Long press the on key to start the machine. After starting the machine, continue to long press and the host machine will enter the Bluetooth pairing mode.This step is accompanied by a voice prompt, which is intuitive despite the lack of a screen.The SONY SRS-NS7 will be paired with the TV after selecting the found device.The whole process is no different from that of a normal Bluetooth device. It’s very simple. However, the SONY SRS-NS7 comes with a wireless transmitter named WLA-NS7 in its original package.On the front, it has an indicator light and a button marked with a Bluetooth symbol. On the side, it has a Type-C port for power supply and a fiber-optic port for communication.It can be used with the SRS-NS7 by providing a plug-in transmitter for non-Bluetooth players.But it actually serves another purpose: When properly connected to a TV, it can be paired with other SONY Bluetooth headsets, including the SRS-NS7, for a more immersive stereo experience.Here is a list of supported SONY Bluetooth headset models for your reference:Wh-1000XM3WF-1000XM3Wh-XB900NWh-XB700WI-1000XM2Wh-h810WH-h910NWh-1000XM4wF-1000XM4wF-C500Then you can get the auditory effect of the Dolby panoramic sound trial experience.How is the sound field experience?Bluetooth speakers are making waves because they do address some of the pain points of traditional audio devices: they’re better to wear over long periods of time than headphones, they’re not clunky or boring;It provides a stable and symmetrical source of sound for a better listening experience than a stationary speaker.But you think that’s all it is?Then you underestimate SONY.SONY is no stranger to screen sound field technology in mid-range and high-end TVS, but this time SONY has released another “dark technology” — 360 real-time sound customization technology (360 SSP).The technical details are tedious to explain, but the simple answer is: When you watch a movie with this SONY SRS-NS7 Bluetooth headset, the device simulates the phantom point source in front, behind, left, right and even overhead, giving you a 360° surround sound experience!But to achieve this experience, you have to pair it with a SONY TV (BRAVIA XR) and use the aforementioned round radio transmitter.The measured sound effect of watching movies with the help of SONY “Family barrel” is indeed more shocking than simply using Bluetooth mode to connect the mobile phone to watch movies, especially in the aspect of sound field, the stereo sense is much stronger.Since it is mentioned to use bluetooth device to watch movies, then everyone must be most concerned about the bluetooth protocol of this product.The building Lord inquired specially, but still did not find relevant parameters.However, from the time of launch, blind guess should be bluetooth 5.0 or above, there is no problem with stability.When paired with a WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter and SONY’s own Bravia XR TV, the SRS-NS7 neck speaker offers improved connection stability and significantly reduced audio latency, according to SONY.What’s the point?According to SONY’s announcement, the SRS-NS7 is intended to be used with SONY’s own TVS for a better sound field experience.What else can it be used for?Yes, of course it’s for playing black games!Close to the ear of the speaker, you can clearly hear the sound of skills in the game, footsteps, not to miss every reminder and call teammates;The Mic, which is integrated into one end of the device, can even better transmit your voice to your teammates.This experience, really is the ultimate!If you love mobile games, I strongly recommend you buy it to try, guarantee a head. Of course, if you want to use it to play games, at the same time have to give your wife an explanation.You could also say “frequent teleconferencing.”Will it sink or not?Whether it is the movie viewing scene or the game scene, in fact, we are talking about its sound field experience.So a new question arises: won’t such a strange shape, hanging on both sides of our shoulders, bring more pressure to our already overwhelmed shoulders and necks?It’s an exaggeration to say there’s no weight at all.But let’s face it, it’s a surprise when you put it on — it weighs only 320g, and thanks to its ergonomic design, it fits perfectly on your neck and shoulders, making it far less heavy and physical than you’d expect.Four people, including the owner and a friend, took turns to wear the experience and then stated their own experience. All of them unanimously said that the performance of the SRS-NS7 exceeded expectations in terms of wearing experience.We’ve also tried to play with it for extended periods of time without significant discomfort or fatigue — a critical threshold for consumer adoption of these wearable devices.In addition to the above, there are a few other things worth mentioning about the SONY SRS-NS7. The first is that it can connect two devices at the same time.For example, we are happily binge-watching TV while simultaneously connected to our phones.Right now suddenly someone calls you, you can use the key on the speaker for a key to answer, right now the TV picture will be suspended automatically, quite convenient.It also has impressive battery life: it can last up to 12 hours on a full charge;It provides five hours of extra battery life even when playing at maximum volume.What’s more, when the battery is low, you can recharge it for 10 minutes and get back up to an hour of battery life!At the end of this article, I will summarize my personal opinions on the SONY SRS-NS7.In terms of sound field effects, even if you don’t use it with the SONY Family Barrel, it will give you a completely different experience from traditional headphones or speakers.Wear the feeling, it does not imagine the discomfort, the first use can easily accept.Officially given the best use of the scene is with SONY TV watching, 360 on-site sound customization (360 SSP) technology is SONY’s new “black technology”.But TV may not be turned on every day, in terms of personal use habits and use experience, using it to play mobile games open black is actually more cool, but also more can play its value!I strongly encourage you to give it a try.As for the question of whether it’s “silly” to wear it around, the device is designed to be used in relatively private places (like at home), so it’s technically a false proposition — unless you absolutely have to wear it on the subway…Happy New Year to you all!Keep doing reviews with attitude and produce content with warmth.I’m tomato. 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