Idioms and Stories at a Loss (Episode 689)

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Helpless this idiom story comes from the history of Song · CAI Youxue Biography: “As far as its nine deep arch and the court waste, many scholars filled the court but a cut off.”At a loss, the metaphor is at a loss.CAI Youxue, word line, is now wenzhou, Zhejiang province.The War Department of the Southern Song Dynasty.He is a close student of Chen Fuliang, the great master of Yongjia School. They have very similar academic views and are the successors of Yongjia School.After zhao Kuo, the fourth emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty, ascended the throne, he issued an edict to solicit opinions and suggestions from his ministers.CAI youxue wrote a letter of advice in which he said: “I suggest your Majesty do three things and strive to be a good emperor recognized by the people.The first is to be respectful, filial to parents and elders;The second is to attach importance to talent and select officials with both political integrity and ability;Third, love the people and be kind and generous to the people.To do these three things well, I suggest you start with attaching importance to education.In recent years, some villains spread rumors and framed good people everywhere, leading to ministers afraid of being framed and dare not do things, many ambitious, want to do things ministers can not contact you.There were many ministers with both political integrity and ability in the court, but there was no way to give full play to their talents.”That is, “more than the full court and don’t vomit.”This idiom is derived from the above story to indicate being at one’s wit’s end.Learn an idiom every day story, read history wise, long knowledge.Stay up late cost light, code word is not easy, please add a reader attention!Please put forward valuable suggestions!Find typos please leave a message in the comment section or send a private message to me!