Du Feng assured the crown, 3 reasons led to marshang frequently shout guangdong men’s basketball, Weems wronged

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Du Feng trust the collar, three reasons lead to the horse is from guangdong men’s basketball team, weems wronged his horse is Brooks recently with Zhao Rui him two moved this video online and have the fans asked, why ma shang Brooks has been uploaded before personal training video, why the recent horse is Brooks is frequently cheered for guangdong,I think is why three, what is the first point, direct response to the question is we also have to review again, before the horse is Brooks has also encountered a lot of this kind of question, some people think that the horse is Brooks is no longer a guangdong need players, there are some fans even the horse is out of the guangdong Brooks directly to the player,The incident also made Marshawn Brooks unhappy.After all how to speak, he will stay in guangdong guangdong still want to him, is that a horse is Brooks with sf, said two people with what the outside world, these people have been questioned and worse as lai more recently joined guangdong, guangdong some rival fans guessing, guess what,Horse is Brooks no chance to return to guangdong, for the horses is Brooks also direct response, is also very clean up directly with him Zhao Rui the brothers this relationship for fans to see directly into the net, I believe that any support guangdong fans or understand ma shang Brooks.Fangyu zhu is the fans should be firmly convinced that the horse is Brooks, he is still the guangdong player, what is the second point, for the good brothers weems then cheer again, in fact, we have to see before weems was played by scold by suspended by a fine, and he lost for a should have belong to his game, so the five big blow after the horse is Brooks is unbearable,Why didn’t the CBA back then support Weems? Now Weems is going to have to be hit five times. Marshawn Brooks has been suspended for weems.Be reproached beaten it remains still, so he was specially chosen with both Zhao Rui this period of video to prove what, what’s it called, guangdong’s brother, brother talk with fans is concentric, then who also can not change, even if you can punish weems outside, but the horse still think through his relationship with Zhao Rui Brooks,To express to the outside world that weems is definitely on the same side, no matter what the outside people think of Weems, a good brother is a good brother, no good brother can erase this layer of relationship.What is the third point, related to Du Feng guide malaga, we all know that guangdong bad grades now, outside these bad-mouthing voice came out, with some fans even said that guangdong may have no access to even the last eight, this case seriously then main say these people speak not letter, but ma shang Brooks may also see, so he is very uncomfortable,Therefore, he posted his video with Zhao Rui on his personal social media, in fact, he wanted to tell these people, do not be too happy too soon, you must not be too happy, the happier you are now, the more miserable you may cry later.Because of what, because of the horse’s attitude is very clear, I told Zhao Rui is not in the team, our team now and injury also suspended, you don’t happy too early, or you may need be dozen face again later, in fact it also want to prove what, ma shang Brooks also want to carry this title for good brothers weems to, after all in the past two seasons of guangdong although won two champions league,But Ma Shang because of things every time regret to miss, so Ma Shang Brooks this time must stand back to the opponent champion, nothing we see in the playoffs, you row the first, row the second, our guangdong team row a few, such as row 12th, do not forget the playoffs is the real battlefield of men.