Dongguan Dongfeng well-off K02 limited time special 5.28%, welcome to appreciate

2022-05-23 0 By

Just xiaobian in the circle of car friends to see a lot of friends are discussing dongfeng K02 the highest discount of 20,000 yuan, so attractive price reduction, want to buy a car friends do not consider taking the opportunity to win?Dongguan Tonglihua Store, activity time from now to February 17, the opportunity is rare, not to be missed,Let yourself spend less money to buy the car promotion time 2022 02月17日 to 2022 02月17日 Dongfeng WELL-OFF K02 latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price discount range Dongguan quoted 1.2L K02L DK12 vi37,900 yuan 0.200 yuan 35,900 yuan