The total amount of financing in hand reached 100 billion Chengdu affordable rental housing opened the year to welcome good

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Red star news (reporter Hui-ying li) on February 9, reported today in the afternoon, the live built bureau of chengdu and sichuan province branch of the China development bank, China construction bank branch in sichuan province held the development of affordable rental housing silver political strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony, during the course of the plan of affordable rental housing project to provide financing and credit support,And in investment, bonds and other services to provide the most preferential policy support.Why sign on?City live built bureau officials said in the signing ceremony, during the development of affordable rental housing in chengdu have built, renovated or modification, revitalize, such as a variety of ways, through various channels to raise construction of affordable rental housing 300000 sets (between), the total investment will reach 150 billion yuan of above, among them 60000 sets of plans in 2022 to raise construction (between).Affordable rental housing construction is a major livelihood project, Chengdu will comprehensively increase the government’s financial support and factor security, but also urgently need to increase financial support, in order to continue to promote the development of affordable rental housing, constantly improve the housing security system in Chengdu.In order to further strengthen the financial support for the development of affordable rental housing, Chengdu Housing Bureau plans to cooperate with China Development Bank and China Construction Bank.Said the two sides signed, will to sign the strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to strengthen the political cooperation, silver established long-term, stable and comprehensive strategic partnership, win-win developing affordable rental housing, for the development of affordable rental housing the parties to provide accurate credit service support, get through the complete chain of funds assigned to the housing.We will increase the supply of government-subsidized rental housing through multiple channels, hold down rental prices, and improve the quality of housing. We will help attract more talented people, promote high-quality development of the local economy, and continue to enhance the core competitiveness of cities.At the same time, we will explore and study financial support policies and operating mechanisms for low-income rental housing, strive to create a number of benchmark projects for financial support policies for low-income rental housing, and summarize and form models that can be copied and promoted.According to introducing, chengdu previously issued “about to speed up the development of affordable rental housing of the implementation opinions”, support through the building, rebuilding, transformation and revitalize the stock a variety of ways to raise affordable rental housing, clear of affordable rental housing to no more than 70 square meters of small family model is given priority to, most no more than 90 square meters.Rents are subject to government guidelines, with annual increases capped at 5%.The rental rate is, in principle, 75% or 90% of the market rate, depending on the type of applicant.And according to the contract content, during the sichuan branch of the China development bank, China construction bank branch of affordable rental housing project of chengdu in sichuan province respectively provide financing amount not less than 50 billion RMB yuan, the medium and long term loan time limit up to 25 years, and we can according to the project, according to the benchmark rate would support and provide the most preferential interest rates.