Financial and economic leaders are ready to play big data, should Dayi Tea Market follow up?

2022-05-22 0 By

During the Spring Festival, I happened to see financial gods analyzing the development trend of various industries in China in 2022.When talking about the tea industry, especially about Pu ‘er tea and Tae Yi Group, the relevant content is extremely huge, and the main content is summarized as follows: Big data is the breakthrough of digital tea industry of Tae Yi Group. It emphasizes that the application of big data is the key point to get through the key links of the whole tea industry chain, including production, supply and marketing.From the dimensions of management decision-making, scientific production, digital services, brand marketing and other dimensions to build the digital ecology of the whole industry chain of tea industry, solve problems such as poor production, unsold, uncontrollable management, and difficult service, provide growth momentum for the digital economic development of tea industry, and boost industrial transformation and upgrading.Marketing digitalization can deeply empower tea enterprises in the field of big data such as price index, circulation data and consumer portrait, promote the digital transformation of the tea industry and enhance the ability of brand premium.Does it look like a headache with all the new words?That’s okay. I’ll explain every word in the next two months as soon as I can, but here’s where the financial titans are headed.The tae Yi tea market actually consists of two parts, one is the consumer market, and the other is the tae Yi tea market that we are familiar with.Imperceptibly, it has accompanied us for several years, now relying on fangcun tea market it has been known to more people, its inner huge value also began to pay attention to the big shot outside the Pu ‘er tea industry, so there is the beginning of the paragraph.Digitization is more and more efficient and convenient for ordinary people’s life and work, and it means huge business opportunities for big wigs.Just imagine what a huge economic benefit it would bring if Daye’s Fangcun model could be applied to provinces outside Guangdong and incubated in combination with the local tea market.But other regions don’t have fangcun’s kind of environment, so the bosses thought of digitizing to speed up the process.As far as I can guess, the general steps are as follows: first, use the developed Internet to get more consumers;Then through creating the concept of collecting Dayi tea to make consumers appreciate the charm of Tibetan tea;Then use the capital advantage to build local Tayi tea markets in multiple regions at the same time, and completely combine online market and offline collection.Once this goal is completed, it is bound to further improve the premium rate of Dayi tea, which can produce considerable economic benefits.A big idea is the key to attracting capital, and the details are the key to making money.What the bosses are talking about so far can only be seen as a grand blueprint, but how to implement it.I’m sure they’ve done a lot of research and analysis, but they won’t release it to the public until it’s laid out.This raises the question, should Tayi tea market follow suit?One might say that digitalization in other areas will eventually lead to a wave of collecting of Daiyi tea.So now big Profit collectors just sit back and enjoy the benefits.But have you ever thought about whether digitization will cover all the listed Daiyi tea, especially the middle and old daiyi tea?It’s really hard to say!Because the varieties of Da Yi tea in the market are rich enough, it is not impossible to cultivate a new collection group at the beginning of a certain year.For example, based on the Dayi tea after 2010, it is only necessary to emphasize the promotion of dayi tea after this period in terms of publicity. For most newcomers, their collection behavior completely depends on the actual content of publicity and promotion.In view of all the above, if da Yi tea collection is popular in other cities in 2022, I personally think the collectors active in Fangcun should not choose to stay and watch, but to follow the wave. I wonder what you think of it?Editor: Chen Wanjun Review: Chen Xiaofeng Zhang Fuxuan source: Dayi Market network editorial Department