Serie A’s top six teams for 2022 have been reshuffled

2022-05-21 0 By

The winter transfer season is over and most of serie a’s teams have made their transfers properly.We take stock of the next, serie A six strong squad changes.1.# Internazionale # Inter’s main team has not changed much, among which the most crucial transfer is the transfer of Gossens, according to gossens’ ability, absolutely has the ability to play in any team in Serie A.In particular, sabre is out of contract, so inter will try to integrate gossens into pippo inzaghi’s squad.We want to be able to exert more power while maintaining stability.2.#AC Milan # In the winter season, AC Milan did not purchase any personnel except new players.One of the most crucial additions to the centre of defence also failed to take place.As usual, alvaro is not short of money and while Casey’s contract expires at the end of the season, Mull did not have A clear word on how the personnel will be replenated or reshured.Do not believe that the second half of the season can be A result.3.# Naples # The same Naples also did not make a big move, especially the bald head is particularly easy to pull over the second half.It’s good to be in group One.4.# Atalanta # The first team in serie A to sign a new player.From Sassuolo added Bo, completing his own 343 system.I thought atalanta’s performance in the second half of the circuit might make the first group of Serie A a mess.His results against the top six teams will determine the final ranking.5.# Juventus # The team with the most winter moves and spending.A huge transfer fee of 70 million +10 million brought in the top scorer in Serie A, Miriam Vlahovic.Meanwhile the signing of Zakaria at the final whistle increased the intensity of the midfield.The addition is an important one for Juve, as it addresses two of juve’s main problems: a weak forward and a weak midfield.If the results are any worse, the manager may be in trouble.Juve’s aim is to reach the last four of the champions League and secure qualification.It should still be possible.6.# Florence