“A safe distance of one metre”

2022-05-21 0 By

April 5 is qingming festival, a traditional Chinese festival.As in previous years, the family still made a “chive fried eggs” today.It is said that this dish is eaten on Tomb-sweeping Day and has the effect of “brightening eyes”.In the afternoon, from time to time, the community heard the voice of “Please go to the small square for nucleic acid testing”. This was the second round of nucleic acid testing since the outbreak began. The family members were familiar with the process and went downstairs one after another with their ID cards for nucleic acid testing.When I came to the small square of the community, there were not too many people, about a dozen people in the two teams.Perhaps the cotton swabs used by the medical staff for nucleic acid have not arrived yet, so everyone is waiting quietly.Standing in front of me, I noticed, was a young girl with thick hair.Is my heart lamenting that she has such enviable long hair, the little girl suddenly turned a head to me said: “Aunt, trouble you back a little can?The safe distance between us is one meter.”Listen to this sentence, the first feeling is of course a little embarrassed.Then I looked down and saw that my feet had crossed the line.Then I felt a little relieved.After all, it would be nice if all children could have this awareness.Then I think of a message I saw in the group of colleagues today, and I feel even more excited.In this message, a 17-year-old boy volunteered to join the community nucleic acid testing site. He not only helped maintain order at the site, but also helped to collect medical waste after the collection.In the interview, he said he hoped he could learn from uncle and aunt of party members and make his own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.I think it is commendable for the children to behave in this way, both in a sense of safety and in a sense of volunteerism, at this special time.In the future, they will also carry out online learning, which is also a test of their learning ability.Indeed, as someone has said, every generation is tested differently.I hope all the children can stand the test of the epidemic, get exercise and grow up.(Wang Juan, Rong Media reporter of West Anhui Daily)