What makes growth far from ideal

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A tree with flowers is the one who is aware, the one who has consciousness and practice.As a teacher, from awareness to awakening is the eternal power on the road of self-development.I hope every teacher who longs for growth can enrich their life and awaken their consciousness through reading.Nowadays education is very practical.For example, since the physical education was included in the examination range, the school to physical education suddenly attention.However, what the school attaches importance to is not the systematic physical education policy, but the high school entrance examination project.In other words, in the examination of what sports projects, the school will put what projects included in the teaching plan, all do not take an examination of the project is not the eye to look.In addition, the emphasis on physical education is limited to the period before exams, after which physical exercise will be cast aside and relegated to the back burner forever.For another example, the state requires a complete curriculum and a strict examination and inspection mechanism.But often be, rise to learn the subject that the exam should take an examination of, just can open a class seriously, and of high cent value still can increase a few class hours to exceed standard to equip class hours.So where are these extra hours coming from?Naturally, it is squeezed from subjects that are not included in examinations.Although these subjects play an important role in cultivating students’ comprehensive literacy, they are shelved because they can’t bring immediate benefits to students’ study.In this way, there is a normal teaching schedule, to meet the inspection is a class schedule strange phenomenon.This is mostly due to social pressure.As long as the admission evaluation mechanism is not changed, the utilitarian heart of education will not be abolished.In this situation, it is not difficult to understand the common practice of “teaching what is tested” among teachers.Because teachers need to accept the mechanism of evaluation, need to fight for the opportunity to stand in the system.However, if in the aspect of independent growth, many teachers still hold the mentality of “do what the school evaluates”, it is worth us to reflect.Principal H attaches great importance to the cultivation of teachers’ basic qualities and advocates teachers to develop the habit of reading and writing while carrying out their work normally.In order to promote this work, the school also put reading and writing into the teacher assessment project, because it is called by the principal, and the assessment task constraints, many teachers embarked on the road of reading and writing.From copying to downloading to independent writing, from complaining to slowly tasting the benefits, the vast majority of teachers began to accept this way of walking.Later, some teachers began to make some achievements in reading, and some teachers began to publish articles. Reading and writing seemed to become a way of life for teachers in this school.At this time, the school personnel changes, the principal went to another school to work.The new headmaster did not value reading and writing, preferring teachers who worked overtime to pump in knowledge.Therefore, the wind of reading and writing in the school stopped suddenly, almost no teachers to comb the educational experience, but the collective rush to work in the simple repetition of work.Later, Principal H communicated with several teachers who had gained some knowledge in reading and writing. These teachers all agreed that reading and writing were the most necessary practices for teachers, but the principal did not pay attention to them and the school did not assess them. Therefore, teachers did not have the energy and interest to continue to do these things.That’s what the refined pragmatist is: he knows a thing is right, but doesn’t insist on it because it’s right.Life in the world, practical is very important, but not everything with practical as the starting point.As a teacher, we should put our vision as far as possible, temper our mind more broadly, and try to exert ourselves on things that do not bring practical benefits but have long-term value temporarily.Those seemingly useless things may be the key to making life richer and more interesting.It takes ten years to grow trees and a hundred years to cultivate people, so does the growth of teachers.If you want to achieve a higher level of growth, you must have a pure heart of waiting, not eager for quick success and immediate benefits, regardless of the interests of the current loss, frank and persistent to do one thing, dig a deep well of self-growth.And these, just is a teacher’s education feelings to sublimate the fundamental.In fact, the professional development of teachers is a kind of life construction with strong autonomy, and the internal cause is the most decisive factor.As a teacher, not confined to the complex affairs of work, not willing to porter type busy, indifferent to the immediate interests of gain and loss, calm, wise and poetic attitude in the face of rich educational life, is the professional feelings.After reading comprehension: read wang Weishen teacher “become a better teacher” book, harvest quite a lot, especially read “what let growth from the ideal more and more far” section, between the lines as if to see their own shadow, with trepidation, reflect on their own education of this decade, a little feeling.Remember that is just to work soon, a theme on patriotic education class meeting class, talked about Huang Jiguang, Dong Cunrui, Qiu Shaoyun and other revolutionary martyrs, self-feeling into the play, tearful eyes dance, for those who shed their heads, shed blood martyrs sincerely admire and miss.But this help a child sitting there, but the deeds of the martyrs as stories, jokes, and even ridicule, “teacher, they are stupid, no place to put explosives wouldn’t have thrown there?” and “body was on fire, the enemy will smell the taste of meat?” my god, I’m really shocked, this only several decades, this help the children in the heart of that with a red light,Or even never.Then I thought, is it the kids’ fault?Is my fault ah, is my negligence of the children’s patriotic education, I also deeply realize, as a teacher in charge, as a teacher, IT is necessary for me to give my children a good patriotic education lesson.Since then, no matter in class meeting or in my own math class, I will try my best to carry out patriotic education. Sometimes, when it comes to the critical point, I will finish my speech without math class.Slowly, my class of children gradually know the founding fathers of New China, know Liu Hulan, Wang Erxiao, radish head……When I thought my education was getting better, the final exam taught me another lesson. Without these red stories, the grade of the class was still affected to some extent.Enthusiastic teacher and I talk, “energy or more on the math class”.There is nothing wrong with being a pragmatist, but it is not a good thing for a teacher to be a refined pragmatist in education.It seems to be an immutable truth that “we teach what is tested on the exam”. “Teachers, therefore, we preach and get rid of doubts”. But “get rid of doubts”, where is the “preach”?Actually I’m not too fond of the fraction of peers, score is very important, but definitely not the only children, each person’s energy is limited, as a teacher, put your energy in the children’s “score”, to the other side is busy, but the other side of the “busy” it is the children grow up is the most important part,Especially elementary school students.In fact, a lot of teachers have such understanding, all know that we can not only take children’s grades, but under the pressure of grades, do we do so?Education is a conscience live, live up to the motherland, on the face all student, if knowledge blindly, ignoring the cultivation of the students’ healthy personality, wouldn’t it be to produce a batch of a bit of a culture of “poor people”, has a right through, no gratitude, no healthy body, no feelings of home countries, is a whole person?Since the choice of teachers, that no regrets, toward the heart of the “perfect education” continue to march, tube it is smooth sailing or thorns.Draft: Liu Lishan. Review: Zhang Lina