Promote care for each person sincere service every road Chery Courier station officially opened

2022-05-20 0 By

January 25 — January 29, “Chery Station” warm heart care action started again.The activity of “Care for everyone, sincere service for every road” covers 17 provinces and 43 cities by setting up service outlets at high-speed entrances and exits, escorting every Chery owner’s journey home.Professional inspection escort warm heart service care to the strict winter day, Chery station set up five warm heart service area, with comprehensive intimate service, for the owners and cars to establish a mobile Chery home.The station not only prepared the most commonly used driving consumables and vehicle services for the owners, such as free glass water, tire inflation, but also free cleaning of the front windshield.At the same time, “fully armed” professional technicians with professional equipment and tools, on-site to provide free testing for car owners. In addition to vehicle supply, the station also prepared uninterrupted milk tea dessert, so that car owners are always full of energy.The thick smell of the New Year in the station warms the heart of the owners.The tanghulu and cotton candy made by the owner and the staff are full of the meaning of being round and prosperous, which affects everyone who enters and leaves the station.At the same time, the lovely tiger dance group attracted the eyes of past car owners, we compete to participate in the game.Of course, as the most traditional element of the Spring Festival, couplets can also be written on the spot in the post station. One pair of Couplets full of good wishes can be brought home with the car owners for the Spring Festival.When the old is ugly and the new is in, Chery Courier station has become the guarantee for chery owners on their way home with comprehensive detection, sufficient supplies, intimate service and heart-warming interaction, which fully interprets the Courier station concept of “care for everyone with heart and sincere service for every road”.Forward is home, Chery station is willing to accompany you all the way, the year of the tiger peace and happiness!