Decorate capital to want to spend on edge, these actually poor outfit is more practical

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Decoration is really a bottomless pit, ordinary families to decorate a lot of savings are considered, after all, it is not easy to make money.So some materials do not need to go beyond the pursuit of good, expensive, brand.1, ceramic tile decoration buy ceramic tile some people may spend hundreds of thousands, some tens of thousands, in fact, more people will spend thousands of blocks.Because the difference in price of ceramic tile is very apparent often the person that spends 10 thousand also is not bought is miscellaneous brand, it is cheap goods.In fact, we can choose some domestic second-tier brands, and there is no difference in quality control. Some second-tier brands and first-tier brands belong to the same company and are produced in the same manufacturer.Only slightly worse in sales and marketing.Suggestion: There is no need to stick to the budget to buy some high-end brands, and even buy bad and branded goods, so carefully compare with the local market sales of large businesses, quality and after-sales are guaranteed.2, latex paint many owners heard that latex paint immediately think of formaldehyde, environmental protection and other problems, and then try to try to buy some children’s room special paint or also buy some environmental protection in addition to aldehyde paint.Proposal: buy lacquer of all sorts of propaganda sort actually is better than average emulsioni paint actually how many, just the price is higher, the charge that propagandization and pack is higher just, of our normal household expenses hundreds of a bucket is very good, do not have to pay those “intelligence quotient tax”.But to brand authorized store procurement, because of a lot of fake!3, water pipe normal family decoration is PPR water pipe in the majority, the price also calculates economic benefits, and construction is convenient labor costs are relatively not high.But there are a lot of people want to buy imported antibacterial, that price is more than 10 times the normal water pipe, this is “intelligence tax”.Proposal: conduit is concealed project transform, later period is changed extremely troublesome, want to buy a few quality only quite hard, what brand does in place had better to go, such after sale also has safeguard.After all, it costs a lot to buy imports. If problems arise, even maintenance is a headache.4, the background wall decoration background wall now all kinds of fancy, and TV background, sofa background, restaurant background, bedside background and so on, some families may be light background wall are doing a lot of, the cost is outrageous.In fact, it is really not necessary, the more simple the better decoration, the more flowery out of the faster, the more easy to aesthetic fatigue.Proposal: if the family is decorated want economy and practical, so can consider to use cabinet body to make to replace common setting, other want the setting of the head of a bed to be able to cancel completely actually, the life is in the first place after all.The cabinet that takes cupboard door not only increases store content to still won’t cause sanitary dead Angle.Summary: decoration wants to be durable, or to be concise and practical, because no matter how gorgeous you do, it will be replaced by all kinds of new materials.So “light decoration, heavy decoration” this sentence has been very true.Be sure to reduce your chances of stepping on pits in the decoration