White sleeveless knit dress with black leather jacket, black and white with classic yet sexy

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Spring is full of life, and our clothes should be fresh and eye-catching, but we don’t need a colorful color scheme, that would just be flashy.In fact, we only need a small amount of color can match a striking effect, which is the most obvious with black and white, because the contrast between them is the most clear, and black and white with long-term practice proved that it is absolutely classic and good color match.Said to the favorite of fashionable fine spring sheet is tasted, the dress must be one of its top, elegant and stylish dress sets and cultivate one’s morality show thin, especially the dress fastens, but also can wear a pure aesthetic temperament, helps to promote female charm, and it is very joker, so the spring season is very suitable for wear dress.However, dress is so popular that there are too many people wearing it. It is very easy to wear beautiful effect, but it is very difficult to wear individual temperament, which makes fashionistas spend a lot of time to try more combinations.Take this dress that xiaobai recommends today to build for, the blogger spent a lot of idea to match.Generally speaking, in order for an item to be different, there are basically three aspects that can be changed: fabric, style and color.The blogger’s dress was in a comfortable and breathable knit fabric, which isn’t often used by young people, but thankfully she chose pure white, so it’s not old fashioned.The style of this dress is also very new. Although there are many sleeveless dresses, it is rare to see one that pulls in so much at the shoulder, showing off the shoulder without showing off the shoulder width.Vertical stripes, while common, don’t look tacky. Instead, they are a great slimmer and slimmer figure.Xiaobai in the selection of dress, more inclined to pure color dress, and prefer light color department.The pure white dress of the blogger is very in line with the best color of dress in my mind. It looks spotless, showing that the blogger has a kind of pure and clean temperament, even with a bit of pure and pure high cold.Especially when the blogger wore white silk stockings and cream-colored high heels, the overall effect of wearing brought me a strong visual impact, a pure, pure and beautiful fairy image deeply impressed my mind.Image is very beautiful, and the United States is spotless, let a person can not help but give birth to “can only be far view not obscene play yan” distance feeling.The sleeveless dress is beautiful, but the arms can be a little cold, which is not suitable for this time alone, so the blogger added a black leather jacket.Motorcycle version of the leather jacket with a bit of cool feeling, and the body of other items combined into a classic black and white, visual impact is clear and strong, pure temperament and a bit more cool.Beige fish mouth high heels, light and breathable, not only in color and silk stockings are very suitable, the effect of extending the leg line is first-class, originally very long legs this really gives a person a leg long one meter two feeling.Black stroke and bow greatly enriched the design sense of shoes, will not choose shoes can be directly copied.This wears to build for our early spring how collocation made a very good demonstration, fashionable essence people can undertake modification according to oneself be fond of, novice people copy copy went, same let you whole spring beautiful beauty.