Douyin released a rural data report: Guangxi snail noodle and Xinjiang cheese became the most popular hometown goods

2022-05-19 0 By

On February 14, 2022, Douyin released “Rural Data Report” (the “Report”): In the past year, Douyin’s rural videos increased by 34.38 million, gaining more than 3.5 billion likes.Netizens punched in 1.22 million villages nationwide.According to the report, the top rural-related topics on Douyin include # MyCountry Life, # Country Taste, and # Countrykeeper.The hashtag # MyCountrylife has 104.3 billion views.Among many short rural videos, rural life and rural food have attracted the most attention from netizens.Increasingly rich rural short video content has also promoted local economic development.A total of 1.793 million agricultural products were sold nationwide through Douyin in 2021, an official said.During the festival, guangxi snail noodles, Xinjiang cheese, Henan stewed noodles, Hubei hot-dry noodles and Inner Mongolia sunflower seeds and melon seeds are the most popular delicacies from home.