Construction has begun in Hungary on the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, Nemzeti Osszetartozas Hid

2022-05-19 0 By

The record-breaking suspension bridge will become an iconic attraction in the Tokaj-Zemplen region and in Hungary.After some time of preparation, the construction of the world’s longest suspension bridge project, the Nemzeti Osszetartozas Hid pedestrian suspension bridge in Satoraljauhely, has finally been finalized.According to Hungarian news portal Turizmus, the public procurement of the bridge has now been completed, the work area has been handed over by the city and landscaping work has begun.The construction of the longest suspension bridge in the world will be realized within the framework of the Tokaj-Zempren development plan.The 700-meter pedestrian bridge is unique among Bridges of its kind.The suspension bridge will be located in an important tourist location in the region, connecting Varhegy and Szarhegy with a height of 80 meters.Standing on the bridge offers spectacular views of the Zemplen Mountains and highlands, which will later become part of the Zemplen Adventure Park.The central part of the structure is planned to have a glass surface to enhance the experience.When completed, the suspension bridge will become an important attraction in the Tokaj-Zepren region and Hungary.The overall cost of the bridge is 11.2 million euros (4 billion forints) and is part of the government’s Tokaj-Zemplen development plan.The aim of the development is to increase the attraction of the area to visitors, ensure sustainable development and enhance the population retention of the area.Construction is scheduled for completion in 2023.For more exciting content, check out the double Day education